Travel Blog back up! The inside story …

Published in: Website updates | September 7th, 2009

It’s been an interesting few days, with new visitors reaching over 50,000 in one day; I had to turn the blog off for a while. On September 3rd 2009 the mainstream Italian newspaper La Republica published an article about me and my journey to find a place called Home. Luck was with me that night… Continue reading more »

Great food from the Philippines: Marang

Published in: Filipino food | August 28th, 2009
Marang fruit close up photograph

Marang Fruit from the Philippines Of all the fruit in the Philippines, this is my favorite. Its a relation of the Jack fruit and comes in a large green spiny skin slightly smaller than the size of a football. Inside there are dozens whitish yellow flesh covered seeds. You can eat the flesh (but not… Continue reading more »

Cheap Island hopping in El Nido, the local way …

Published in: Philippines | August 25th, 2009
Incredible blue water in El Nido, Palawan (click to enlarge)

After some time in El Nido I realized I really did need to bite the bullet and go island hopping. A side effect of cooking for oneself and eating in is not meeting anyone to share costs with for such activities. One of the most popular questions I kept getting was “Have you seen any… Continue reading more »

Is El Nido the place to stay a while?

Published in: How to live overseas, Philippines | August 13th, 2009
Breakfast in El Nido (click to enlarge)

I was woken up by a gentle tapping at my door. Groggy eyed I opened it to see a lady standing there with a sweeping brush. “Sir, your cottage is read.” I cringed. I still hadn’t discussed long term pricing with the old lady yet. Never move in until the price is set. But on… Continue reading more »

Great food from the Philippines: Banana Cue

Published in: Filipino food | August 10th, 2009
Banana Cue in the Philippines (click to enlarge)

Banana Cue in the Philippines There are many different types of banana in the Philippines. Some are used for eating raw, others to be cooked. Banana Cue is covered in sugar and cooked over a BBQ or deep fried. It tastes sweet and like a banana should. But for me it’s quite dry and hard… Continue reading more »

Is El Nido, Palawan, paradise on earth?

Published in: Philippines | August 3rd, 2009
View of El Nido from above (click to enlarge)

I arrived in the late evening. After taking the wrong turn (there are only two) I found myself walking down main street El Nido. And, I immediately got a good vibe from the place. It was a touristy town, no doubt.  Guides here, tour that, go here type signs were everywhere. But, not one was… Continue reading more »

Great food from the Philippines: Student Food

Published in: Filipino food | August 2nd, 2009
Student food from the Philippines

Cheap Student food in The Philippines Following along with local places to eat: the photograph above is from a university canteen in The Philippines. Any good budget traveller will tell you this is where you go to get good, super cheap food. Usually run by a staff of friendly mothers, the food often has a… Continue reading more »