Leaving Bohol behind

Published in: Philippines | January 23rd, 2009
The electric light cable in Bohol

The good folks at Nut’s Huts made mention of a caving trek. It turned out to be quite a good half day. The cave was nothing spectacular. Though after the caves in Sagada it was hard to top anything cave related. The trek itself was cooler than I’d have thought. Undergrowth, hills, and lots more… Continue reading more »

Shiny Christmas Towns, and a Sparkly New Year in the Philippines

Published in: Philippines | January 1st, 2009
Happy Holidays

After a Christmas Eve filled with fireworks, and gunpowder wielding children, Christmas day was strangely a Santa in the Philippines bit of down turn. Though the weather was overcast; so it was thankfully and blissfully cooler than usual. I think that I actually managed not to sweat for at least 5 hours.

How to see the Hanging Coffins in Sagada, The Philippines

Published in: Philippines | December 10th, 2008
The Hanging Coffins of Sagada, The Philippines (click to enlarge)

After the previous debacle of having to pay 20 pesos just to enter Sagada, I was now being asked to pay 200 for a guide to the hanging coffins. I looked at Lu and surrendered. We paid, and headed off down the main town road past a quaint church I remembered what it was like… Continue reading more »

Great Modern Traveler update: Karl Busby is in Trouble

Published in: Great Modern Travelers | December 3rd, 2008

Not so long ago I wrote an article for my Great Modern Travelers section about Karl Bushby. A man who in the late 90’s set out to literally walk around the world. No canoes, human powered vehicles, nothing but two feet and two arms. It took him 6 years to walk from South America to… Continue reading more »

Important site updates

Published in: Website updates | December 2nd, 2008

Comments: I thought with the forthcoming Karl Bushby post above it would be a good time to activate the comments section on the page. I’ve not had them on before as with travel and the search, plus keeping the site updated I really struggle with time. And know I would feel bad if I could… Continue reading more »

Traveling to Sagada via a mudslide and ending up in a brothel

Published in: Philippines | November 26th, 2008
Mudslide on the way to Sagada (click to enlarge)

Manila to Sagada We left Manila quite early on fairly nice bus. The open window was my air-con in the rising heat, as Lu sat on the other side of the window shivering. It was only open a crack, and still I sweated as I watched the hawkers outside. I’d heard from other tourists about… Continue reading more »

Taking a date to the Mall of Asia

Published in: Philippines | November 14th, 2008
Riding in a Manila Jeepney (click to enlarge)

My newly introduced travel partner, Lu Lu, was beautiful. Names aside, the Philippines certainly do have beautiful girls. Lu worked in advertising, and was just about to start off in a new firm. She was all for traveling to the North. And I was glad I passed the first Filipino test of saying I like… Continue reading more »

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