Great Modern Traveler update: Karl Busby is in Trouble

Published in: Great Modern Travelers | December 3rd, 2008

Not so long ago I wrote an article for my Great Modern Travelers section about Karl Bushby. A man who in the late 90’s set out to literally walk around the world. No canoes, human powered vehicles, nothing but two feet and two arms. It took him 6 years to walk from South America to… Continue reading more »

Important site updates

Published in: Website updates | December 2nd, 2008

Comments: I thought with the forthcoming Karl Bushby post above it would be a good time to activate the comments section on the page. I’ve not had them on before as with travel and the search, plus keeping the site updated I really struggle with time. And know I would feel bad if I could… Continue reading more »

Traveling to Sagada via a mudslide and ending up in a brothel

Published in: Philippines | November 26th, 2008
Mudslide on the way to Sagada (click to enlarge)

Manila to Sagada We left Manila quite early on fairly nice bus. The open window was my air-con in the rising heat, as Lu sat on the other side of the window shivering. It was only open a crack, and still I sweated as I watched the hawkers outside. I’d heard from other tourists about… Continue reading more »

Taking a date to the Mall of Asia

Published in: Philippines | November 14th, 2008
Riding in a Manila Jeepney (click to enlarge)

My newly introduced travel partner, Lu Lu, was beautiful. Names aside, the Philippines certainly do have beautiful girls. Lu worked in advertising, and was just about to start off in a new firm. She was all for traveling to the North. And I was glad I passed the first Filipino test of saying I like… Continue reading more »

Why do Filipinos love shopping malls so much?

Published in: Discover World Culture, Philippines | April 12th, 2008
Traffic in the Philippines, not that bad, unless you live there (click to enlarge)

Sucat – Manilla, a district in near the airport Now firmly settled in a nice little cockroach free hotel in Sucat, Manila, I started to venture out for the first time. Not such a good thing for my Filipino buddy Vince. I was hoping for more today. It was the capital, so I wasn’t expecting… Continue reading more »

Manila, Philippines, not a bad place apart from the hotels

Published in: Philippines | April 4th, 2008

Travel Journal Overview – The Philippines: After the first flight in a long time, and a new country I arrived in the Philippines. Like all good pre-departures people had filled my head with horror stories about Manila. Big, grid locked traffic, pollution, thieves, dirty and just about the worst place you would want to be.… Continue reading more »

My final overland destination: Shanghai, China

Published in: China | March 27th, 2008
The Bund, Shanghai, China - Final Destination (click to enlarge)

Travel Journal Overview: This is it, my final entry in the overland journey from Portugal to China in search of a place called home. Fresh with a new laptop, I had just one last task to accomplish. Shanghai is the final destination in a overland journey Nerdish qualities aside I did of course spend my… Continue reading more »