Meeting Gustaf in Palawan

Published in: Philippines | December 20th, 2009
Sleeping baby crocodiles (click to enlarge)

Gustaf is the infamous crocodile in Africa, the legendary man-eater that many have failed to catch. I like the idea of something from nature biting back at humanity. I’ve also seen crocodiles in the wild, and kept my distance. One needs to respect the crocodile, it’s sole purpose is eating live creatures and reproduction. It’s… Continue reading more »

The Butterfly Effect- an unfolding theory in travel

Published in: How to live overseas, Philippines | December 16th, 2009
Mating Butterfly

If one butterfly beats it’s wings on the other side of the world, can it effect you? That’s the basic idea of the “Butterfly Effect”.  Also knows as the Chaos Theory, but butterfly’s are nicer sounding and imply more. Either way I do believe in the idea. Travel’s grass is always greener Back in Peurto Princesa I… Continue reading more »

Reverse backpacker culture shock, damn they are dirty

Published in: Philippines | December 10th, 2009
The streets of Puerto Princesa Palawan

I was staying at a pension who’s nosy owner was getting to me. My gut confirmed this to me one night when a young local man lurked around my flimsy room’s door while I showered in the shared bathroom. Not only that but the  fairly dire pension house smelled a little like the cross between… Continue reading more »

The Bus Mafia in El Nido, always the same

Published in: Philippines | December 5th, 2009
Bus mahem in El Nido

El Nido to Puerto Princesa – I’ve traveled this route many times. My last would be no less typical. The choices are: book a mini van for 600, or take the bus for 300. I was on the bus. I was there and ready at 6am for a 7am kick off. And already problems. It was… Continue reading more »

Great food from the Philippines: Fruit Salad

Published in: Filipino food | December 3rd, 2009
Fruit salad from Del Monte

Fruit Salad from The Philippines It might seem a little strange to include a fruit  salad and call it great food. But, in every country there is a selection of fruit, and each fruit salad is a little different. The Philippines has a fairly wide variety of fruits available, yet the fruit salad has a… Continue reading more »

Time to leave El Nido …

Published in: How to live overseas, Philippines | November 28th, 2009
Downtown street in El Nido, Palawan

I am becoming mind numbingly bored. Living on an island is appealing to most from the outside looking in. I knew this before trying this little experiment. For me this side project on my own path to finding home was sparked by friends who kept saying to try it. Strangers reading this blog also sent… Continue reading more »

Food from the Philippines: Mangoes of the Philippines!

Published in: Filipino food | November 20th, 2009
Big diced mango from The Philippines

Mangoes of The Philippines There are many different kinds of Mangoes available in the Philippines and all over the world. On the streets they are usually found chopped into little slices and sold in clear plastic bags. They may not be what you expect though. Sweet or sour in the main difference and it’s important to know… Continue reading more »