Great food from the Philippines: Durian (yes the stinky fruit)

Published in: Filipino food | September 28th, 2009
A slice of stinky Durian fruit from the Philippines

Durian from The Philippines More famous due it’s stong odour than its taste the Durian fruit is a controversial fruit in the Philippines. It’s banned on public transport due to the powerful sinus sapping odor that perminates even its thick sharp spiky war like outer skin. Some Filipinos are said to be addicted to its taste,… Continue reading more »

Island life and some deserted island hopping, oh there’s George Clooney’s place!

Published in: Philippines | September 24th, 2009
Paradise island in Palawan (clcik to enlarge)

My days are generally taken up with the laptop and writing. Electricity is good, and I am getting a lot done. But my initial fear of island life is always there. Boredom … Get up, eat. Enjoy beautiful view. Write. Eat left overs, feel too hot. Start on second liter of water. Write. Stop and… Continue reading more »

Is social integration possible when trying to live overseas?

Published in: How to live overseas | September 14th, 2009
Lone Cellist from Budapest

I don’t have the answers to everything. If I did I would have found a place called home a long time ago. All I have to go on is what I’ve learned so far. One of those things is the importance of social integration with local people. Why is social integration important? This one is… Continue reading more »

Great food from the Philippines: Adobo (beef steak)

Published in: Filipino food | September 12th, 2009
Beef Adobo (click to enlarge)

Beef Adobo from the Philippines Adobo of any kind in the Philippines is usually very good, beef being my favorite. Adobo is basically the sauce that comes with the little strips of meat, which can be beef, pork, squid … the list goes on. Adobo sauce itself is a mix of garlic, soy sauce, vinegar… Continue reading more »

Paddling into cathedral cave, Palawan (video)

Published in: Philippines | September 9th, 2009
The island the is cathedral cave

Rex was true to his word, a few days later he was once again at my door with the offer of going to cathedral cave. I imagined a place with high walls and organ like formations. It sounded good. One of the things I noticed about Rex, is although his offers of taking me out… Continue reading more »

Travel Blog back up! The inside story …

Published in: Website updates | September 7th, 2009

It’s been an interesting few days, with new visitors reaching over 50,000 in one day; I had to turn the blog off for a while. On September 3rd 2009 the mainstream Italian newspaper La Republica published an article about me and my journey to find a place called Home. Luck was with me that night… Continue reading more »

Great food from the Philippines: Marang

Published in: Filipino food | August 28th, 2009
Marang fruit close up photograph

Marang Fruit from the Philippines Of all the fruit in the Philippines, this is my favorite. Its a relation of the Jack fruit and comes in a large green spiny skin slightly smaller than the size of a football. Inside there are dozens whitish yellow flesh covered seeds. You can eat the flesh (but not… Continue reading more »