Website update – May 2009 – new look journal

Published in: Website updates | May 3rd, 2009
The Longest Way Home (click to enlarge)

Welcome to the new look journal for The Longest Way Home. I’ve changed the page format for a new series of posts about How to Live on an island in the Philippines that begins soon … Some of the physical changes on my Travel Blog / Journal: 1. All photographs can now be zoomed in,… Continue reading more »

Lechon from the Philippines

Published in: Filipino food | April 28th, 2009
Roasting Lechon in the Philippines

Lechon from the Philippines Perhaps one of the most famous foods from the Philippines is Lechon. It’s basically spit roasted pig. You’ll find many a selection of mall eateries serving it up in various qualities. Some can be quite fatty. In night food markets it can be found but not so easily as it’s quite… Continue reading more »

Batad or Banaue, which rice terrace in the Philippines is better?

Published in: Philippines | March 28th, 2009
Rice Terraces at Batad, The Philippines (click to enlarge)

It was a long argument, and Lu won. We would only be taking a day trip to Batad. I wanted to stay overnight, but she was all terraced out. We left early, on a jeepney, and then another until finally stopping off at the base of the trek. The trek was not so hard, we… Continue reading more »

Trekking in The Rice Terraces of Banaue, The Philippines

Published in: Philippines | March 14th, 2009
Banaue Rice Terrace in The Philippines (click to enlarge)

Banaue is a small town that’s featured in every guide book due to it’s UNESCO world heritage approved – Philippine Rice Terraces. As much as these sites are interesting, the tourist influx lowers their appeal to me. “How much?” “1,500 pesos, per room.” After China, and Nepal I was having problems adjusting to high room… Continue reading more »

Going Caving in Sagada, The Philippines

Published in: Philippines | March 1st, 2009
Caving in the Philippines (click to enlarge)

A good morning to go caving in The Philippines The morning mist lifted off the surrounding mountains to reveal the first of our beautiful Rice Terraces. The air was cooler than it should have been in the tropical Philippines. The sky was lined with thick cloud. In most places that would have been a bad… Continue reading more »

A lone walk in Sagada with the hanging coffins

Published in: Philippines | February 17th, 2009
Hanging Chair beside the Hanging Coffins of Sagada, The Philippines (click to enlarge)

It was the first time I was alone since arriving in the Philippines. After making sure Lu was okay at the hotel I was back at the coffins. I’d dodged a few of the guides again. Avoiding the pleas that it was impossible to locate them without a guide, and one chap telling me about… Continue reading more »

Leaving Bohol behind

Published in: Philippines | January 23rd, 2009
The electric light cable in Bohol

The good folks at Nut’s Huts made mention of a caving trek. It turned out to be quite a good half day. The cave was nothing spectacular. Though after the caves in Sagada it was hard to top anything cave related. The trek itself was cooler than I’d have thought. Undergrowth, hills, and lots more… Continue reading more »

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