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Gaju Suite Hotel

by David Ways. Updated on May 11th, 2015.
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Review Summary:

Gaju Suite Hotel
PROS - Nice decor. The staff & service are very good. Apartment rental available (though pricey). CONS - Patchy WiFi. The exterior needs a renovation. Could be a touch less expensive. USD $45-90
Hotel Review: Gaju Suite Hotel
Written by: David Ways
Date Published: 03/12/2015
8.8 / 10 Author Rating
Gaju Suite Hotel lobby

Gaju Suite Hotel lobby

Let’s look inside

Gaju Suite Hotel doesn’t look like much from the outside. The A One Complex is well worn business complex where you would not expect to find a hotel of this caliber.

Venture to reception and you’ll be greeted by professional staff and from there on things get a lot better. The generator insures the elevators work 24/7 which is delight in the power rationed city.

Dotted along the modern corridors and throughout the hotel are classic Nepalese sculptures with minimalist Newari style added for good taste. Nothing is too over done here which makes for a refreshing change.

The restaurant does jar a little when it comes to the Gaudi sea blue decor. A bit out of place in a landlocked country. Never-the-less the food is excellent. The bar turns into a bit of late night spot for many. If you are an early bird avoid rooms on the 4th floor!

Gaju Suite Hotel double room

Gaju Suite Hotel double room

Rooms & staff

Spacious well decorated rooms run throughout Gaju Suite Hotel. Some have classic Newari red bricks but again it’s not too over the top. Modern classic design makes one settle in with with comfort.

The bathrooms are large and clean with no shortage of hot water or style. Tiles with a mix of dark or light granite tiles a lot of thought has gone into them.

I found the staff at Gaju to be very friendly and professional. Everyone was knowledgeable about both the hotel and things to do around Kathmandu.


Gaju Suite Hotel should not be judged by its exterior though it does lose in the “cleanliness” rating due to the exteriors shabby look. Inside it’s spotless though, so fear not. It’s location is near perfect for anyone visiting Kathmandu city. The hotel is decorated very tastefully, the cleanliness is high and staff are motivated to help you enjoy your stay.

If you are looking for a modern hotel in central Thamel that won’t break the bank then this might just be the place for you!

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Room prices I was quoted

There are several different types of room available. With prices ranging from USD $45-90+. Prices don’t change with the season. There are some high end apartments for rent here too. Special offers include free breakfast which is quite good!

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