Hotel Blue Diamond

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Hotel Blue Diamond
A budget hotel on bustling Jyatha street
PROS - Good value budget guesthouse. Free WiFi. CONS - Hot water is an issue in the winter. USD $5-13
Hotel Review: Hotel Blue Diamond
Written by: David Ways
Date Published: 03/12/2015
7.9 / 10 Author Rating

Let’s look inside

Hotel Blue Diamond
Hotel Blue Diamond – a budget lovers hotel

Hotel Blue Diamond is located on bustling Jyatha street in a south central part of Kathmandu’s busy (Thamel) area. Thankfully this hotel offers quiet rooms away from the street noise outside.

The hotel offers forty-five rooms in a four floor building that includes a pretty decent restaurant.

Deluxe room a Hotel Blue Diamond
Deluxe room a Hotel Blue Diamond

Inside the hotel it’s spacious, clean with a stairwell leading to the rooms.

Rooms & staff

The rooms are reasonably sized and clean is a little worn. Most have the standard Kathmandu carpet.  There’s one dorm room but you’d be better off spending the same cash in a neighbouring hotel for a private or looking for a dedicated hostel.

The bathrooms are tiled and clean but hot water can be in short supply in winter. WiFi works, just don’t expect it to be fast.

I found the staff  friendly and knowledgeable. There’s no push on tours and they do remember your name if you leave and come back after a week or so of travel in Nepal.


Hotel Blue Diamond is an old school Nepalese hotel that’s standing the test of time. The only downside is hot water in the winter mornings. The staff however make up for this and tell you when the best time is for hot water.

If you are on a budget then this little hotel offers more cleanliness and friendliness in reasonable rooms than many others nearby.

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