Food from the Philippines: Fast food – Chicken Lauriat

Chicken Lauriat at Chow King (click to enlarge)
Food from the Philippines: Chicken Lauriat at Chow King (click to enlarge)

Chicken Lauriat from Chow King

So fast food may not be deemed as great in the rest of the world. But, in the Philippines it’s becoming a mainstay of city life. It’s not surprising to find huge groups celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or mini conferences in fast food restaurants here.

For the traveler hopping into a fast food restaurant in the Philippines is easy, but the menu’s are huge. Chow King is a favorite of mine as it gives good value and big plates. The service is also quite good.

The photograph above is a Chicken Lauriat. There are lots of Lauriats but this one gave most bang for your peso. Two siomai, rice, noodles with veg (pansit), chicken, prawn crackers and a sesame sweet paste ball thingy (buchi) all for about 109 pesos.

Never had a stomach problem here either!

While it’s not street food, it’s local in the Pinoy sense. And, it’s great value along with being very tasty!

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14 Replies to “Food from the Philippines: Fast food – Chicken Lauriat”

  1. wow, sound like my kind of meal. when you get here will bring u to try the nasi lemak.. the famous spicier version.. or the nasi dagang for the east coast. all equally good! ( i like the name Chow King – sounds serious about eating! hehe)

  2. Oh I remember Chow King on our visit to the Philippines and seeing it on just about every street corner! We never did get a chance to try it though, although we did eat once at Jollibee which was truly horrible!

    1. Not from what I see. Sure the non earner cannot afford to eat there. And yes Jollibee is more popular. But I’ve never seen Chow King empty. It’s usually overflowing with locals.

    1. No, Chow King is Filipino owned. In fact it’s Jollibee that owns it. The food may have Chinese influence, but it serves Pinoy, with a mix of basic Chinese and South East Asia fast food.

  3. Hi we met this afternoon going to the Eco Park.
    Im glad you shared your website. I share the same passion with you for travels.
    I browsed through some of your posts, they are very informative and detailed.
    Glad to have crossed paths with you and MC.
    Safe travels…will keep in touch and ask some tips if ever I will travel and would need some tips..
    All the best and cheers

    1. Hi JP!

      Nice of you to stop by here! And, good to meet you too yesterday. Many thanks for all your help, it’s appreciated. Yep, let me know if you need anything or plan on going anywhere around the world.

      Safe travels to you too!

  4. Its more better if you post here the ingredients and the procedures how to make Chicken Lauriat…

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