Nepalese bakeries, pastries & cakes

by Dave from The Longest Way Home ~ April 29th, 2013. Published in: Travel blog » Food around the world » Nepali food.
Selection of pastries from Nepal

A selection of tasty pastries from Nepal

Bakeries, pastries, cakes and sticky buns in Nepal

Anywhere in Nepal where there are tourists you are sure to find a huge range of bakeries. Everything from double chocolate cake with walnuts to fresh buttered croissants are available fresh everyday. And they are really good either first thing in the morning or at a bargain price at night.

Why are bakeries so popular in Nepal?

Chocolate cinnamon bun in Nepal

A chocolate cinnamon opened up to reveal deep layers of sweet goodness including almonds – Nepalese bakeries really can make an effort!

Where there are tourists looking for tasty treats you will find bakeries. Picture yourself coming back from a long trek in the Himalayas, you’d like to treat yourself to something nice. Cakes and pastries generally do the trick!

History of bakeries and cakes in Nepal

This is debatable. But legend has it everything started with a Swiss expat who created the first Swiss bakery selling pastries and buns during the hippie era of Nepalese tourism.

I’ve had this legend challenged by a Dutch bakery in Pokhara and a rather famous one in Kathmandu who tell me it was an English Army camp who first began baking pastries in Nepal.

What are the best pastries and cakes to eat in Nepal

Apple strudel (Apples are plentiful in Nepal), Apple pie and Apple just about everything. After that cinnamon raisin buns are quite good. And lastly chocolate cake but it can be a bit hit and miss.

What pastries to avoid?

Generally speaking bread is a bit of let down in Nepal aside from Tibetan bread. As are cookies. They look great but really don’t taste of much. Pizza breads are okay but not always that safe unless eaten fresh. There are some new flavored cakes like black forest and mocha which are hit and miss. Chocolate croissants are a constant let down no matter how good they look!

Where are the best bakeries to buy pastries and cakes in Nepal?

Fresh apple strudel from Nepal

Fresh apple strudel from Nepal

In all the time I’ve spent in Nepal I have to say there is no one place. Each bakery seems to have its own specialty and there are so many of them opening and closing it’s kind of crazy.

  • Pumpernickle bakery in Thamel, Kathmandu is perhaps the most famous. Tourists flock to it for breakfast so it’s often crowded. It’s expensive compared to others too.
  • Roadhouse in Thamel can have a nice pricey selection too where you can usually find a nice seat.
  • There are a few less pricey options on the corner of Mandala street in Kathmandu.
  • The Bakery & Weizen Bakery offer some of the widest selections.
  • Finally just down the street from Sam’s bar is a little bakery beside a DVD store which is about the cheapest and best in terms of pastries.
  • In Pokhara try out the Swiss bakery along lakeside.

Half price pastries and cakes in Nepal!

Many bakeries offer half price pastries, cakes and breads at night. Generally starting at 8.30pm – 9pm you’ll see signs offering the unsold cakes of the day at half price.

This is a great old school tradition from bakeries of yesteryear. Also a good reason for an evening stroll whilst picking up some bargain goodies along the way!

This is an additional article featuring food from Nepal. Nepal’s number one industry is tourism. In covering food from Nepal I am including what you will find everyday in Nepal. From traditional Nepalese food to tourist food. Do read my article on what’s the food like in Nepal for more. 

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15 Great responses to Nepalese bakeries, pastries & cakes

  1. Nick says:

    We couldn’t get enough of the cakes in Nepal when we were there. Croissants for brekkie and nibbles all day. Great reminder thanks!

  2. Marie says:

    Love cakes like these. Can’t get the in Thailand. Strange how they are in Nepal but not elsewhere?

  3. Anna's World says:

    Looks so nice. In fact they look better than some of what’s produced around here!

  4. Jan says:

    Never knew bakeries were such a popular thing in Nepal? I guess it’s only the tourists that buy them?

  5. Ivy says:

    Is it me or do this bakeries looks the same as the European ones?

    • I think they are trying to copy them. Certainly better than South East Asian Bakeries. Nepal’s were first set up by Europeans so maybe that’s why too.

      From what I remember apple strudel in Europe has green or yellow apple. But the one in Nepal is nearly always dark as they don’t use preservatives for the inner filling. On the outside they use green apple but it doesn’t seem to work inside!

  6. flipnomad says:

    oh man… i love the breads and other pastries in kathmandu… there’s one bakery in Thamel where I buy spinach and cheese quiche almost everyday (for two weeks) and other breads… i find it really delicious…

    safe travels dave

  7. Barbara says:

    How interesting, I didn’t know bakeries were so popular in Nepal. As mentioned, cakes and pastries and the perfect treat for a hungry tourist!

  8. Craig says:

    Just had some pizza bread in KTM. Not bad!! Love the apple strudel!!

  9. zeehan says:

    have not been to Nepal in 20 years but want to say only three words: lemon meringue pie!

  10. Spencer says:

    I didn’t realise Nepal had such gastronomic delights! I have always wanted to go there to see the wonderful scenery but now the food has given me another reason to go there.