King Curd from Bhaktapur: Juju Dhau

King Curd from Bhaktapur
King Curd from Bhaktapur (Juju Dhau)
King Curd from Bhaktapur (Juju Dhau)

King curd or Juju Dhau from Bhaktapur Nepal

In my search for the Kumari legend in Nepal I spent quite some time in Bhaktapur Nepal. A huge old city that’s a protected heritage zone and has one of the largest entrance fees in all Nepal. One of the cities oldest yet latest promotions is its legendary King Curd which translates to Juju Dhau.

What is King Curd or Juju Dhau

It’s a Newari curd(yogurt) made from buffalo milk and traditionally made by heating the curd cultures in rice husks. Today the curd is also flavored with Nepalese honey. It gets its name “royal curd” due to its exquisite taste that was said to once please the king.

Thick and creamy bowl of King Curd
Thick and creamy bowl of King Curd

Today the curd is available in Bhaktapur and is exported to some stores in Kathmandu. It still maintains an important role in ceremonial feasts.

My tasting of Royal King Curd

When searching for a living goddess one tends to meet all sorts of people in all sorts of places. On this occasion I was treated to a bowl of king curd in Bhaktapur’s durbar square.

It certainly has a more cheesy flavor than regular curd and therefore richer. The color is also a little more yellow. The honey had a very mild taste in comparison. Either way it is certainly different from regular curd.

If you are visiting Bhaktapur it’s certainly worth trying as it holds a certain claim to fame to have eaten it!

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  1. Had this when we visited. Yummy! Really surprised they’ve not marketed it nationally.

  2. Yogurt equals Curd? Is there really that much of a difference?

  3. Looks like the perfect breakfast. Can you get it out in the mountains too?

  4. Yes, tried that too. I think I still have those little clay bowls it came in.

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