Food from Sabah Malaysia: Squid Won Ton Ho Soup

Squid Wan Ton Ho Soup
Squid Won Ton Ho Soup

Everyday food I find in Sabah

Soup is everywhere in South East Asia. Sabah, in Malaysian Borneo is no exception. Squid Won Ton Ho Soup is really good and flavorsome. Filled with onion, peppers, and green leafy vegetables Won Tan Ho also has an egg cooked into it. Not to mention a generous quantity of squid!

Fresh Squid straight from the sea

One of the benefits of being on a huge island is the mass of fresh seafood available from all sides. In the case of  Sabahan squid in this Won Ton Ho Soup,  it’s meaty, without being too fishy and overpowering.

In Sabah this soup comes with the added bonus of having a small side plate of extras that you can mix in with the main soup. Soy Sauce, chili, lemon grass, and even some chives are often on offer.

The science of hot soup?

What I don’t understand is just why hot soup is so popular in equally hot Malaysia?! Rumors have it that hot spicy foods help to cool you down from Asia’s hot climate. The truth behind this belief is somewhat true. Hot, as in spicy hot,  foods make you perspire, which in turn is meant to cool you down. Something that doesn’t always come true in high humidity!

Either way, squid won ton ho soup is not that spicy! Just add the chili from the side plate if you want to bump it up a little. This dish simply tastes really good, is very affordable, and fills me up better than most soups in Asia.

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15 Replies to “Food from Sabah Malaysia: Squid Won Ton Ho Soup”

  1. Looks really good! Better than soups I get around the office anyway!

  2. Could almost taste the thick, delicious gravy hitting my brain while I keep on thanking my lucky stars for living in Sabah. Dang, man! :-)

  3. hahaha…I LIKE this post!

    im in jb, and it was raining all the time..I think i might need this soup to please myself in this weather..:p

      1. JB is Johor Bahru. The city of the state Johor. Johor located at south part of peninsular malaysia.

        All i can say, JB is the boarder between Malaysia and Singapore..

        JB; definitely not Justin bieber, jonas brothers or even james bond..:D

  4. looks a bit like pizza vomit back home, but i’m sure that it is delicious.
    This blog has inspired me to write my own blog about Palwan life, i suppose that i too, am looking for a home, but with nice lady too.
    In the blog, i answer the mysteries about philippines travel, Why philippinos all seem to wear American clothes, what that smell is when you drive through Aborlan, Palawan, about the bare breasted tribal ladies. It is not competing with this blog, dave had finished with Palwan, i think. I came here to get info about palawan from a google search, and now it has inspired me to write my own

    1. Congratulations on the blog Martin, it brought back memories to read through your new blog. By the way, it’s difficult to leave a comment on your blog without an open id account, or google etc. I wanted to comment on “Palawan – The last frontier” but it wouldn’t let me.

      1. Thanks, i worked out eventually how to turn off the “open id”.
        If you read my blog, you may have identified the influences of thelongestwayhome blog, Port Barton and Coconut Island, Marang and Lanzones. I tried to add things that only locals would know about.

        Is the squid dish exclusively Malaysian chinese ?

        PS Please try “Nonya” food, Dave ! Chinese-Malay fusion food

        1. Good to hear. I just left a comment. Adding things that only locals know about will give people a unique insight into your life there.

          I’ve only seen this Squid dish in Malaysian Chinese eateries in Borneo, not seen it much on West Malaysia.

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