Quick Fried Prawns from Thailand

A plate of quick fried prawns with rice from Thailand
A plate of quick fried prawns with rice from Thailand

Fried prawns with heaps of garlic

Prawns are one of Thailand’s tastiest meats. They are abundant, large and every so meaty. While many prawns are barbecued I found a second treat waiting in many a restaurant or local cafe.

Quick fried prawns with minced garlic. It hit the flavor scale right at the very top of the Thai taste scale.

Garlic and prawns go together so well

I wasn’t expecting the quick fried prawns to come with so much garlic. I was suspecting they would come mixed with rice. So when I watched the lady cook them with half a cup of minced garlic I was smiling from ear to ear.

Crunchy, meaty prawns cooked on super high heat in a wok for only a couple of minutes with all that garlic left little time for oil soakage. So infused with garlic the prawns tasted as if they’d been eating garlic themselves.

For once the plain Thai rice accompanying the prawns was a welcome palate reliever. Having a larger than Thai appetite I often get an extra egg added just to top it all up. It only costs an extra few baht

A full place of fried prawns from Thailand
The egg with the prawns is optional!

Where to get good quick fried prawns in Thailand?

I found prawns available just about everywhere in Thailand. Purists will say only the south have the freshest prawns. Personally I found this dish in Chiang Mai and Bangkok with relative ease.

Most restaurants serve some form of fried prawns or shrimp but very often it’s mixed with rice which is okay but not the same as this. As so often happens things get lost in translation in Thailand. But if you see “quick fried prawns” go for it.

Ask for extra garlic!

If you are really stuck and in Bangkok try the food court in MBK. Station C9 are very helpful if they are not busy and you could ask them to cook you up a dish for only 70 baht.

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  1. I love prawns but always find them pretty pricey. This looks really local and cheap compared to the big prawns you always see in restaurants. How much would dish cost?

  2. Could you give me a rough price on what this costs? We are doing a backpacking budget and would love to know more about mid-level food prices.

  3. WOW! The LOOKS! Its just so tasty! I think we also serve that here in our country, PHilippines, and I love these kinds of dishes! I loove those garlic. horraaa!

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