Thai food: Sukhothai Noodles

A bowl of Sukhothai noodles in Thailand
A bowl of spicy Sukhothai noodles in Thailand

Sukhothai’s own dish is very much worth a try

Also called “kuaytiaw Sukhothai” or “kwit-teow Sukhothai” this dish is Sukhothai’s own speciality noodle dish. It’s spicy sour and meaty. There are however several variation on this dish. Nearly every restaurant in Sukhothai I went into had a different take on it.

A bowl of seriously spicy Sukhothai noodles
A bowl of seriously spicy Sukhothai noodles

However the base ingredients remain the same. Noodles. Flat noodles made from rice to be precise.

It’s worth noting that this dish was spicy hot in all the places I tried. It’s popular and although fresh, the stock is made in advance. So it’s hard to try the “no spicy” option.

What do Sukhothai noodles taste like?

Well, depending on the variation you get it changes. The stable of rice noodles remains true in all. Meat can be either pork, pork skin, chicken, or any combination of these meats.

Another staple are green beans. They are in all the Sukhothai noodles I’ve tried. As has copious amounts of chili.

Lime juice is another important ingredient as are crushed peanuts. Though the latter seemed missing in quite a few variations I tried.

Bangkok Sukhothai noodles vs Sukhothai noodles from … Sukhothai

To tell you the truth Sukhothai noodles are available all over mid to north Thailand. But the name changes. And people get quite upset if you call another dish Sukhothai noodles by mistake.

Pork Sukhothai Noodles with green beans
Pork Sukhothai Noodles with mandatory green beans

If it’s marked Sukhothai noodles in the menu or kuaytiaw Sukhothai or kwit-teow Sukhothai then that’s it. Otherwise, just stay silent!

I found a vendor selling  Sukhothai Noodles in Bangkok. They were surprisingly good. Though a little too like Tom Yam to make that much of a difference. I didn’t mention it.

Where is the best place to find Sukhothai Noodles in Thailand?

If may come as a surprise but Sukhothai probably is the best place to find this dish. It’s available in nearly every restaurant in Sukhothai’s new city. Just outside Sukhothai historic park you’ll also find the restaurants serving bowls of this noodle dish too.

Personally, I liked the cluster of restaurants and cafes selling Sukhothai Noodles near the bridge joining the old and new city together – see my guide to Sukhothai for a map.

Either way, Sukhothai Noodles are worth at least one try on a visit to Thailand.

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  1. Looks really good. I hope to visit later this year and am devouring your website! Thank you!

  2. Spicy hot seems to be the theme for Thai food. Would like to try it but am a bit worried.

  3. Thank for sharing so much about Sukhothai. It’s proving to be very helpful!

  4. I ate these in London a few months ago. Would love to know if they tasted the same as the real thing. I didn’t detect any lime!

  5. This brings back so many good memories. I loved Sukhothai Noodles. So very different to Tom Yam.

  6. That looks nice and meaty to me. I miss this in other noodle dishes.

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