Thai Fried Pork

Fried pork from Thailand
When in Thailand you can’t go wrong with pork!

Fried pork in Thailand is the carnivorous answer to a good meal

As a voracious carnivore I often run into a problem with Thai food. While many dishes include meat, it seems to be rather rationed in most. That shredded (pulled) pork dish might be tasty but the port is scarcely seen. I’ve found the solution. Just ask for fried pork (which isn’t really fried but roasted).

Roasted “fried” pork

Thailand’s a strange place where something is quite often not what it seems. Having discovered Thai fried pork at a Thai food court I was delighted to get a long plate full of tender pork slices for about 60 baht. A few days later I tired ordering the same dish at local cafe off on a side street. The result? The same long dish of “fried” pork.

Fried pork meal in Thailand
Fried pork in Thailand comes with rice (or noodles) soy sauce with chilli and a vinaigrette

A few days later again and this time I took a seat closer to the kitchen and caught a glimpse at how it was made. The pork had actually been roasted first. The outer side basted in garlic and peanut oil. This roast is then left to set. When a customer makes an order for fried pork the roast is sliced and the slices quickly pan fried.

What does Thai fried pork taste like?

If you manage to get your fried pork hot it tastes very good. Though sometimes too sweet for my liking. If you are getting it cooked in front of you ask for no sugar, salt or msg. I know that might be half the fun but there will be condiments.

The other important part of this equation is that it tastes good hot and okay cold. I’m not a lover of cold cooked meats so I prefer it piping hot. Again, local eateries have this done to a tee. Whereas mid-scale restaurants produce more lukewarm fried pork for some reason.

In any case. Hungry in Thailand? You can’t go wrong with fried pork!

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15 Replies to “Thai Fried Pork”

  1. Yummy. It’s not often you associate a pure meat with Thai food. Glad to hear you found the solution!

  2. We are going to Thailand this summer. Can you buy this sort of dish anywhere or is only in Bangkok?

    1. This particular dish in the photograph was from Bangkok. I’ve seen other version in the rest of Thailand. Show them a photo of this and I’m sure they will accommodation you where ever you are!

  3. Looks yummy. Not what I expected this morning when I got this email. I thought it would be all chopped up like chow mien!

  4. Looks so good. Normally everything looks so “Chinesey” nice to see something meaty!

  5. Yummy PORK i just love them. OOh they are making me drooling right now.

  6. This “fried” pork looks so delicious! I’ll have to try it when I visit Thailand. :)

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