Morning Prayers in the Ganges

Man in Morning Prayers on the Ganges - India
A man praying on the Ganges
A Lone man praying in the Ganges

Praying at dawn in the Ganges river

Varanasi is one of those unique places on earth that shows the circle and belief in life like no other. From the cremations to the body washing, drinking and living. The Ganges is the river of life and the end of life for many.

To paddle a boat up this mighty river in the morning and at night is an all sensory experience.

The story behind this photograph

Varanasi is a place I never expected to be quite like it was. Cremations aside it was the power of belief that stood out the most for me.

Late at night the chanting begins and people celebrate. On a boat it’s a beautiful thing to paddle by. In the morning the early cremations begin. The people come out and wade into the water to pray.

This man was resolute in his demeanor. He gazed into the horizon as the sun came up. Life was a new as all around him life also washed away.

It’s a photograph that looks great in color. However for me black and white helps to symbolize the two qualities I felt.

Life surrounding and life passing.

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