The Golden Temple at night in Amritsar India

Golden Temple at Night - India
Two men washing on the Ganges
The Golden Temple at night

Is the Golden Temple more impressive than the Taj Mahal …

When people speak of must see sights in India the Taj Mahal is nearly always at the top of the list. While the Taj is an impressive building and it does feel surreal to visit it I found the Golden Temple to be far more impressive.

The story behind this photograph

I’d just crossed over the Wagah border from Pakistan when I made my way to Amritsar in India. I was planning to stay in a budget hotel there but instead ended up at the free rooms offered at the Golden Temple.

This Sikh temple is the most important in that religion. It is surrounded by a pool of water with just a single bridge reaching out to it.

People stand in this water and pray as others visit the temple itself while chanting gently fills the air. Free food is given out to pilgrims. There are no costs at all to visit the Golden temple.

At night the temple glistens as bright lights shine on its golden walls. The temple is a holy sanctuary and certainly feels that way in many respects.

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