Girl on horseback in the Nepalese mountains

by Dave from The Longest Way Home ~ December 31st, 2014. Updated on September 6th, 2017. Published in: Travel blog » Nepal » Photography.
Girls on horseback in the mountains of Nepal

Girl on horseback in the mountains of Nepal

Riding into the mountains of Nepal

My guide and I were coming back from the Annapurna Circuit in the dead of winter when we came across these tough ladies and their horses. The young girl riding the white horse was joining them on the long journey back home.

The story behind this photograph

Towards the end of my winter trek around the Annapurnas I was laughing at the large number of newly arrived trekkers coming the other way. They’d flown into Jomson and where kitted out in the latest heavy all weather gear, trekking poles and with porters carrying everything.

Let’s just say they were a little too over prepared.

Meanwhile behind them and soon to overtake them were these hardy women. Traders coming back from Jomson with their horses.

These are tough women who make this journey several times a week no matter the weather. It’s how they survive.

Today a small girl joined their trip. She probably walked down with them. But was now learning to ride the trading horses back to their village. The look of concentration on her face tells a lot.

Tough ladies in a tough environment.

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