Holi Festival of Colors in Nepal

Girls celebrating Holi in Nepal
Girl covered in color during Holi
Nepal’s Holi Festival of Color is one of the most enjoyable celebrations in the world

A day of color in Kathmandu, Nepal

I’ve celebrated many Holi festivals in Nepal. By far the most enjoyable place to enjoy it is Kathmandu city. Though physical reminders of the 2015 earthquake were ever present you would be difficult to see it from the smiles and cheers throughout the day.

Here is how the day of color unfolded in photographs!

Tourists and locals celebrate Holi in Kathmandu Durbar Square
Tourists and locals celebrate Holi in Kathmandu Durbar Square (Basantapur)

Go to Durbar Square!

Kathmandu Durbar Square (Basantapur) is THE place to go to celebrate with thousands of others. Music sometimes plays (modern) while people dance and throw color at each other.

Artistic face paint designs used during Holi
This year striking artistic makeup was in vogue and people used face paint to great effect

Holi is open to all to celebrate in all manner of color and face painting!

Tourists during Holi with earthquake damage behind them
Tourist pose for photographs while behind them the earthquake damage is still evident as no government reconstruction has begun.

A slight blemish on a great day

This year it was shocking to see the authorities in Kathmandu Durbar Square try to charge tourists 1,000 rupee entrance fees during the public festival. Thankfully by 11.30 am they were too overwhelmed by locals and tourists parting to maintain any queues and thousands of people poured in to play Holi.

Girl getting covered in color and water during Holi
The party starts in Thamel!

The celebrations normally start from 9am on to 3pm.

Smiling faces during Holi
Ladies celebrating Holi in Nepal

The brighter the color the better!

Even Britain’s Prince Harry came to Nepal and celebrated Holi!

Man in a shop enjoying Holi
Young an old celebrate Holi in their own way

Holi is an incredibly good-natured and respectful festival

If you don’t want to be covered in color during Holi then people are amazingly respectful and will not throw color on you. But once you get covered, it’s game on for complete coverage in as many colors as possible!

Tourists and locals celebrate Holi in Durbar Square
Holi is a Hindu celebration known as the festival of color that celebrates the incoming spring in Nepal

Holi is a festival to welcome in the spring. It’s usually dry in Nepal during the festival but many people throw water that helps cool you down during the huge street parties.

Tourist throwing color during Holi
Tourists enjoying Holi in Kathmandu

It’s a good idea to wear old clothes during Holi!

Girl in silver and color paint during Holi
Holi is one of the most open and enjoyable festivals in the world

Expect lots of hugs, people touching your face to place color and lots of cheers (all in good nature).

Tourists throwing color during Holi
Tourists throwing color during Holi

Where to celebrate Holi in Kathmandu

The main street parties go from North Thamel all the way to Durbar square and throughout all the streets in Kathmandu city. All through Nepal there are celebrations no matter where you are (trekking areas usually don’t celebrate that much).

Tourists taking a selfie during Holi in Nepal
Tourists capture a once in a lifetime colorful moment in during Holi in Nepal

Nepal is a country of colorful festivals but Holi is one of the greatest worth postponing your trek for a day just to experience.

Girl covering a boy in Color
Everyone celebrates Holi with smiles and good nature – something Nepal does better than anywhere else!

Holi is a very good-natured festival suitable for all ages and people.

People celebrating Holi in Thamel
People party during Holi with color, fun, cheer and laughs

Alcohol, drugs or mischievous behavior is not a big factor in Holi. It’s all about color and celebrating life!

Blessings being made during Holi
The tradition of welcoming in the spring is the cornerstone of Holi and blessings of color are made

Go out of your way to visit Nepal for Holi!

Blessings are made during Holi in villages and in Kathmandu Durbar Square. Bhaktapur, Patan and all the streets of the Valley are filled with color. Pokhara starts late but it’s there too and if the Terai region Holi is for two days!

Girls covered in color during Holi
Holi is all about color and fun!
Holi is all about color and cheer. If you are planning a trip to Nepal it’s worth taking a note about the dates Holi in Nepal is celebrated on!

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