The Babysitters train – Hungary to Romania

Published in: Romania | September 30th, 2007
Brasov, Romania from above (click to enlarge)

Travel Journal Overview: Overland train rides can be great ways to travel. They can also me traps. I experienced both as I traveled under a full moon into Transylvania en route to Brasov. Over anxious about departures I arrived at the Budapest Ketti Train station 1.5 hours before by scheduled departure at 17.45. With no… Continue reading more »

Final days in Budapest, thoughts and moving on

Published in: Hungary | September 29th, 2007
Main square in Budapest with war memorials (click to enlarge)

Travel Journal Overview: Though it’s not written here, but is in the book, I learned more about the practicalities in finding home in Hungary then just about anywhere else in Europe bar Spain. Traveling along he streets of Budapest was not always so nice. Burger Kings, and Mc this, mc that’s spoiled the oldness of… Continue reading more »

Hungarian woes

Published in: Hungary | September 28th, 2007
Old KGB House in Budapest (click to enlarge)

Travel Journal Overview: It was around about now I realized I was writing double. The Blog was a blog, still for me and so on. While my actual handwritten journal was becoming thicker by the day. A book was being born. Oh Boy my groin was in agony… I was starting to hobble. I made… Continue reading more »

Arriving into Budapest, damn Lonely Planet

Published in: Hungary | September 27th, 2007
Hungarian House of Parliment, under renovation (click to enlarge)

Travel Journal Overview: Not knowing a thing about a city when you arrive can be good. But maybe not when you have a Lonely Planet as your guide. I arrived from the train stacked up on Red Bull after a night of difficult sleep due to the door continuously sliding open. I made a makeshift… Continue reading more »

Eurolines suck when you are in Poland

Published in: Hungary, Poland | September 26th, 2007
Church in Krakow (click to enlarge)

Travel Journal Overview: There are some things that go wrong when you travel. Sometimes its not so bad. But somehow they linger in your mind for months, if not years to come. This is one of mine … Next day was a usual hungover one. Not good for a travelers mind, but after this I… Continue reading more »

Wieliczka’s Rock Salt Mine, the Russians are coming and Krakow at night

Published in: Poland | September 25th, 2007

Travel Journal Overview: I was far from travel blog comfortable still. My main goal was the journey at hand, I was however feverishly writing everything into my hand journals and just using the blog to let friends know where and what I was up to. I waited around the hostel for my polish friend to… Continue reading more »

Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, a long time coming

Published in: Poland | September 24th, 2007
Auswitch Concentration Camp (click to enlarge)

Travel Journal Overview: I’d long since waited to to visit the concentration camps. Not for any other reason, other than I think the world has forgotten … Bed early… except for the old guy opposite me who insisted on keeping his laptop on all night (sometimes with all the MS beeps and chirps). Early next… Continue reading more »