Overlooking beautiful Badshahi Mosque in Pakistan – photograph

Badshahi Mosque in Lahore Pakistan
Mists around Badshahi Mosque in Pakistan
Mists around Badshahi Mosque in Pakistan

Beautiful old world cityscapes in Lahore

There are few places that capture old world beauty than Pakistan. Without the influence of popular tourism they are little known, seen or visited. This photograph in Lahore tells many stories. In the distance is Badshahi Mosque which to me is one the most beautiful in the world.

The mosque is technically the second largest mosque in Pakistan. Built in 1673 directly beside from the Lahore Fort and the famous Alamgiri Gate they make a very picturesque setting.


The story behind this photograph

Old world settings across cities add a wonderful charm to Lahore that would otherwise be a very busy and bustling city. I found Lahore to be virtually cosmopolitan compared to other Pakistani cities. However Lahore has a long history and ancient building dot the city.

Lahore fort sits beside Badshahi Mosque and you can just make it out in this photograph to the left. The four outer minarets of the mosque can be made out from the brown brick and gives scale to sheer size of the area. The three domes of the mosque have their own minarets. Strangely inside the mosque it’s quite small in comparison to the courtyard outside.

There are towers, tall old building and markets throughout this area. Snake charmers still ply their rhythmic trades on the narrow streets. Wooden carts filled with fruits and vegetables still trundle along.

Today, old gateways now act as parking shelters and the street walls are draped in black electric cables. One of these cables is visible here. The first sign of the modern world in what otherwise could be a cityscape from a bygone era still visible today.




Badshahi Mosque in Lahore Pakistan
Badshahi Mosque in Lahore Pakistan

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