Warlords fortress and graveyard on the Khyber pass in Pakistan

Warlords fortress and graveyard on the Khyber pass in Pakistan
Warlords fortress and graveyard on the Khyber along pass in Pakistan

A warlords fortress like house and grave yard along the Khyber pass

This is one many warlords houses turned into fortresses along the infamous Khyber pass in Pakistan which runs to Afghanistan. We are not talking Islamic state nor radical terrorists. This is the house of a man who survives in a lawless dangerous area.

Beside this fortress abode is another warlords fortress and another and another. Notice the gun towers and holes in walls for weapons. The notice the huge graveyard in front. This is all too real and modern.

How the warlords survive

It doesn’t take a guess to figure out how the warlords survive in this area. The houses were once normal looking structures. However as the drugs, arms and smuggling trades took off during the war in Afghanistan the local mafia took full advantage.

Fights would break out between rival gangs for control of the goods being taken along the road. Goods being stored at certain houses would be raided. The result was the building up of large defensive houses. The graveyards below are purpose built to scare off anyone thinking of coming closer.

Warlords house and graveyard in the Khyber Pass, Pakistan

Even the police in this area are powerless compared to the warlords. Special permission must be taken before passing by them. Today tourists are not officially allowed in the area. Photographs are not an issue here. When your this powerful they only highlight you.

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