How to get to Brookes Point, Palawan, The Philippines

Palawan from an airplane window (click to enlarge)
Palawan from an airplane window (click to enlarge)

My flight from Shanghai to Manila had been obscured by the fact that I had just finished my overland journey. Now that I was traveling again within The Philippines to Puerto Princesa, Palawan I remembered why I hated airline security.

What’s more was the fact that it has become worse over the past 4 years. No liquids, no extra batteries, shoes off, belt off – problem. I’d lost weight. The fact I was wearing blue boxer shorts was no longer a secret.

I’d left my some my things in Manila to avoid Cebu Pacific’s annoying 15KG limit for internal flights, so I just had an overloaded carry on bag. There’s a nice sign at check in saying “Laptop’s can be carried separately” What’s more my extra camera batteries didn’t cause a fuss either.

Grabbing my window seat I noticed Cebu Pacific don’t seem to like cleaning their windows very much. Hence the photograph above looks a bit strange. But then, I like it. I’ve never seen a “Tropical” Island from the air before, so it was nice.

Coming into land at Puerto Princessa, Palawan
Coming into land at Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Welcome to Palawan:

Palawan airport itself is tiny. There’s a passport check, more for numbers of tourists as they never checked my visa. Which reminded me I had to get it renewed soon. But best of all there was an actual Government Tourist desk at the airport right beside baggage claims (which of course clogs everything up)

“Can I fly to El Nido?”

“We vant to rent a car, how much?”

The tourist desk was being surrounded by white forigners all asking the same question. El Nido, El

The Road to Brooke's point is good
The Road to Brooke's point is good

Nido, El Nido. How much? When, Where, Car, Plane, Get me there, and I’ll pay anything.

Rumors of how hard traveling Palawan is:

El Nido is about 8 hours away via a bad road according to my old guide book. 12 – 16 hours away according to online forums. It was also a haven for tourists. Rich ones by the sound of it as one guy agreed on the spot to pay 8,000 pesos for a private car to drive him. The plane ticket from Manila was only 3,000!

My plan was simple. Go in the opposite direction. Brooke’s Point, at the southern end of Palawan Island. A town where the worlds largest pearl was found. And also, no matter who hard I tried, no one could tell me how long it takes getting to Brookes Point?! A perfect excuse if there was any.

“5 hours,” replied the tourist info girl as I greeted her in Tagalog. The only thing I really knew how to say.

The rich German tourist was then ignored as the girl handed me a map and marked the bus station on it for me. I could take a jeepney, or mini van. And they leave 4 times a day. I smiled and took the map and left her to the frustrated German.

How to get to Bookes Point:

A tricycle from Puerto Princessa, Palawan, The Philippines
A tricycle from Puerto Princessa, Palawan, The Philippines

Outside I ignored the touts and tricycle drivers and made my way to the main road. The cost from the airport to the bus terminal went from 120 pes0, to 60, to 20 the further I went. A 10 minute ride. Plus a quick stop off to check that the ATM in the city worked. Puerto Princessa is the only place in Palawan with an ATM. Research paid off there. So it brings a wad of cash, just in case …

At the station I was ready for war. Online forums had told be of beaten up buses, and jeepneys. Luggage thieves and over pricing. My tricycle drive took me directly to a depot.

“250 peso, Air conditioned mini van … ”

And the catch?

“I get you front seat sir …”

I looked at Dan Dan the ticket man and took his number. Hopped into the front seat next to a skinny local and we were off within 5 minutes. No fuss, no hassle, no problem.

For the first time online travel forums had let me down. I suspect this is due to a combination of things. Palawan being such a

Welcome sign to Narra, Philippine Cockatoo Capital of the World
Welcome sign to Narra, Philippine Cockatoo Capital of the World

Deserted Island Paradise” for some rich folk who really think sharing an air conditioned minvan is painful. And expats who are slightly out of touch with reality … or possibly enjoying too much San Miguel in the heat.

Either way I was speeding along the way to Brookes Point, on an excellent road. With a brief stop over in Narra, Philippine Cockatoo Capital of the world! The journey couldn’t have been better.

I knew nothing Brooke’s Point other than it has a great sunrise. No idea where to stay, and no idea what to do. But my first rule of finding a place to live is to explore  the place first. Going to Brooke’s Point is off the tourist trail. It would boost my rankings with the locals, and all in all seemed like a nice quite place to start from. Then work my way up.

Having said that. It’s also the base for the illegal back door boats to Indonesia … Well, anything is worth a look …


  • Get to Puerto Princesa with your passport
  • Take Tricycle to main bus terminal 20 -40 pesos
  • Take a minivan for 250- 300 peso to Brookes Point
  • Brookes Point is very walkable once there

Coming soon:

Brooke’s Point, Palawan

Learning about the unknown factor in finding a place to live

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15 Replies to “How to get to Brookes Point, Palawan, The Philippines”

  1. Heading to Brooke’s point in a couple of days. Interested to hear how you get on. Must check out Brooke’s lighthouse. Fascinating character Brooke, landed there in the 19th century on his way to being the White Rhaj of Sarawak

    1. For history buff’s it’s a good place to go. Non commercialized so easy to picture things. Quiet, peaceful, and if the weather is good it makes a difference. Hope you enjoy

  2. Philippines got lots of nice places! Good you got plenty of cash to travel. I love to travel – see nature but due to financial constraints I get to travel only once a year – which means I really have to save for it and yet I can’t get to bring my kids along. Enjoy your travel to the Philippines but do take care of your belongings…

    1. -Shirley-Hi Shirley, thanks for the comment. It’s always a struggle to safe money. I spent most of my life doing this so I can do what I am able to do now. I hope you will one day be able to travel with your children too.

  3. Entertaining read! We lived in Puerto Princesa for a year but I was in third grade then. We were just usually home (our parents were so scared of malaria). But sometimes we’d visit the Vietnamese village and Iwahig Penal Colony.

    Now I’m really interested about Brooke’s Point. Will wait for that post.

    1. -pinaytraveljunkie- Thank you! If you look at the next post here, or click How to live overseas, you can read all my journals about Palawan :) Never got Malaria! I think it’s more prevalent in Mindanao, though never got it there either. Iwahig Penal Colony was fascinating though!

  4. Thank you for writing about Brooke’s Point. My wife and I come from Brooke’s Point. We consider it our home, and would prefer to let it remain a small but peaceful and friendly town. Should any tourist ever happen to go to there, drop by the tennis courts (or the municipal building) and they’d find the locals there friendly and helpful.
    Incidentally, Brooke’s Point will be mentioned in a historical book on the US Navy’s submariners who were there during the 2nd World War. A few houses still in use today were built before WW2, including the lighthouse you mentioned.

    1. Thank you for your comment, yes I too hope Brooke’s Point remains a small peaceful town. And, I really hope it does not become commercialized. Doing so would destroy a lot.

  5. Bro next time if ever you do come back to Brooke’s Point come dine at Village Cafe. Serving (almost) international foods. Located at Edwards Ave. Keep up the good work and take care.

  6. hey there, are there still ways to get to borneo through boats from brooke’s point?

    1. Not from Brookes point. There was once a place further south. But, the immigration office there is no longer open. So you will not be able to get an exit stamp. And, the boats are … shall we say not regular nor official.

      The only place to officially cross from The Philippines into Sabah Malaysia is via Zamboanga in Mindanao. A ferry leaves twice a week, usually.

  7. Hi there,

    I will be arriving to Palawan on a sailboat and will be leaving the boat in or near Brooke’s Point (or maybe a little north). What are your suggestions for getting to PPS? You write about getting TO Brooke’s Point, how will it be to get back to PPS? Will vans run a few times a day? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Michele,

      The mini vans from Brooke’s Point to Peurto Princessa leave quite a few times everyday(5-7). But mainly from very early in the morning until about lunch time. Brookes point in a really small town so you’ll have no problem finding the mini bus stop either!

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