Stilt house on a beach in Brookes Point, Palawan, The Philippines

Brookes Point - The Philippines
Stilt House on a beach in Brookes Point, Palawan
Stilt House in Brookes Point, Palawan

A house on stilts at dawn in The Philippines

Palawan is renown as being one of the most beautiful islands in The Philippines. People get off the plane at Puerto Princesa and head north to the tropical beach fronts like El Nido and Sabang, Me? I go the opposite was to place few visit.

The story behind this photograph

Sir James Brooke was the first white Rajah of Sarawak (Borneo) who landed at the southern tip of Palawan on a trading voyage. North American settlers named the area after him some years later.

Brookes Point is also where the world’s largest pearl was found the “Pearl of Allah”.

It’s a sleepy town by the sea. There not much here other than a market, a mosque and a couple of cafes. Perhaps that’s what makes it so nice. It’s untouched.

Down by the beach I discovered this stilt house at dawn. Stilt houses on Philippine beaches are nothing new. But this one was quirky. In the photograph you can make out so many things from the little bamboo bridge to the bicycles all keeping it together.

A unique house in a unique place that not many people bother with. I’m glad I did.

Stilt House in Brookes Point, Palawan

This is an additional photograph feature from my world travel photography gallery, documenting the story behind the picture 

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