Bangkok’s Wat Arun “Temple of the Morning Light”

by Dave from The Longest Way Home ~ January 2nd, 2015. Updated on September 6th, 2017. Published in: Travel blog » Photography » Thailand.
Wat Arun in Bangkok Thailand

Wat Arun  “temple of the dawn” in Bangkok Thailand

A Temple for the Dawn in Bangkok

Got a favourite temple in Thailand? Wat Arun could well be my favourite. It sits across the Chao Phraya river a little differently than all the other temples that line the capitals streets and waterways.

I also found Wat Arun a great temple to visit in Bangkok.

The story behind this photograph

On a boat heading to the Grand Palace something caught my eye across the river. The unusual looking temple of the morning light stood out above all others. Indeed even during my visit to the Grand Palace all I could really think about was visiting Wat Arun.

A quick boat trip across the river and there I was. This large temple is made from shiny ceramic pieces which only added to it’s uniqueness.

For anyone planning a visit to Bangkok I highly recommend a visit to Wat Arun. Climb up the temple if you can (it’s steep) and look back out over the river.

The view is of Bangkok’s new skylines from one of its oldest temples. Meanwhile for anyone else wanting to see Wat Arun from this side. It’s a case of sitting very still on one of the very bouncy river boats.

Either that or your could try to camp out on the pier opposite the temple. Then wait for some unique cloud formations!

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