Sukhothai temples at night

The magnificent Wat Sa Si at night

Visiting Sukhothai Historical Park at Night

Most people only think about visiting Sukhothai Historical park during the day. I highly recommend you try to visit it at night when it is lit up beautifully.

Wat Mahathat at night
You’ll get all the temples in a beautiful setting & see few people

One of the reasons very few people visit Sukhothai historical park at night is that there’s very little information about it being open at night. Including at the park!

Saturday night lights at Sukhothai Historical Park

During peak season in Thailand the authorities at Sukhothai Historical park tend to turn the lights on at night during the weekdays. However if it’s not busy then don’t expect to see them turned on except for a Saturday night!

Spotlights show off the temples at night in a very different way than during the day

If in doubt, ask at the information counter at the main Sukhothai historical park entrance.

Transport at night in Sukhothai Historical Park

There is none! Yes, another inconvenience. But it’s easily solved. You just need to hire a tuk tuk driver to meet you at the entrance or a nearby restaurant at a certain time.

Wat Sa Si at night in Suhothai
Wat Sa Si at night in Sukhothai

There is no public tram inside the park at night either. But the good news is that it gets dark quickly and you’ll be done in an hour.

Bring a torch

Even though the statues and ruins are lit up you might want to bring a torch with you. The lights are focused on the ruins and not the ground which is quite dark.

Buddha statue at night
At night many features get highlighted in a way you might not notice during the day

Likewise it’s worth bringing some bug repellent. Personally I didn’t come across any but the lights can attract various insects if you get too close. Stand back and you’ll be fine.

Bring a tripod

It goes without saying. If you want to take nice photos at night in Sukhothai then you’ll need to bring a tripod with you.

One of the standing Buddha statues at Wat Mahathat lit up at night
One of the standing Buddha statues at Wat Mahathat lit up at night

Be prepared for uneven ground as well. This is where that head torch will come in handy!

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Don’t wander off alone

Although the main areas of Sukhothai Historical Park are well lit up some of the smaller temples are not. This is especially true along the paths. If you are travelling alone be cautious.

Even the more plain temples look nice at night
Even the more plain temples look nice at night

The best lit and most popular area at night is the central zone. The other zones are not as well lit up in comparison

Is it worth an extra night just to see the temples lit up?

No. But if you are staying in Sukhothai overnight then it’s very much worth it to ask, when you go in, if there will be lights on that night. If there are and you want to make the most of your trip – then go!

Wat Sa Si with lights bouncing off the night moat water and stonework
Wat Sa Si with lights bouncing off the night moat water and stonework

What time are the lights turned on at night?

It depends on the time of year. Generally speaking, on the nights they are turned on, they will turn them on as the sunsets. When I was there the park stayed open until 9pm.

Buddha statue and chedi lit up at night in Sukhothai
If you have the time, try visiting Sukhothai Historical Park at night to see the ruins in a whole new light.

The most important thing to remember when visiting Sukhothai Historical Park at night is to have your transport arranged if you are not staying opposite the park.

There is virtually no transport around after 9pm. So pre-arrange your tuk tuk in advance. Or ask a restraunt near the park gates to help arrange transport back for you at a certain time.

Entrance fees into Sukhothai Historical Park
  • Entrance to Sukhothai Historical park = 100 baht
  • Bicycle surcharge = 10 baht
  • Mystery all section ticket = 350 baht (if you can find the right person)

Food and drinks are a touch and go affair in the park. There are a few cafes. They aren’t too outrageously expensive. But if you are on a budget bringing one’s own water will half your cost.

It’s 2 kilometers from the central zone ticket office to the northern section. The main road there is surfaced, flat and quite easy to use via a bicycle.

The park is open from 6am-18.00 (night visits are allowed when displayed – or to be sure just ask!). Keep in mind the bicycle shops closed between 17.30 and 18.00 too.

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