Back on the Road: Travel Blog Update & future changes

by Dave from The Longest Way Home ~ May 31st, 2010. Updated on January 14th, 2012. Published in: Travel blog » Website updates.

As I mentioned in a previous update, I wanted the past few months to write a little differently. It was to focus on other people rather than myself, while at the same time expanding the site into some editorial and commentary posts, which I have equally enjoyed.

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Upcoming website changes & features

Brief overview of the past few months:


Now, it’s time to go back to me, and the journey to find home:

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I’ve enjoyed the above, however as I am moving on. I will now be returning to regular travel journal updates on my travel blog page. I will be writing from my own perspective on my travels. And, on how my journey to find home is developing.

New things, and some old:

Here’s how the travel blog page will look for the next while:

  • Travel blog entries which I refer to as my journal will continue to detail my personal journey to find a place called home
  • I will endeavor to write these entries once a week on average, they will not always be in line with my travel dates so I can take the time to write them properly. Use my twitter account for live entries
  • Between each travel journal entry there will be a feature photo article about food from the country I am traveling in. It will be about the real food you will encounter when traveling
  • Brief “How to …” guides will appear as they come about to help those looking to travel in the same places I’ve been
  • Once or twice a month I will write a commentary / editorial on a popular travel or photographic topic, as I enjoy this

Other updates on the horizon:

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  1. It’s been a long time coming, but my new world travel photography gallery is soon coming online.  There will be prints for sale on select photographs. Including collectors editions, and pay per month prints.
  2. The large photo headers on the website will gradually have names and locations appear.
  3. A new African update from the past.
  4. My “Travel Journey’s” page will be getting a complete overhaul and turned into something very different.
  5. There will be a comprehensive review on online storage for travelers and photographers.
  6. There will be a new inductee into Great Modern Travelers announced.

Over to you:

Though this is a personal journey, I am well aware that there are now many people reading this website.

So I will ask this, what would you like

  • added?
  • changed?
  • removed?

From the travel blog or website in general?

Suggestions, tips and comments welcome. Though I can’t promise everything, if there is something glaringly annoying, or something that could be improved. Now would be a good time to let me know.

Coming Soon:

The road to Davao … across the highlands

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6 Great responses to Back on the Road: Travel Blog Update & future changes

  1. Trixie says:

    The new format and structure looks great, Dave. Just don’t lose sight of your original goal of actually finding a home in the process. ;-)

    • -Trixie- Thanks. This is just the website. Outside of this and my online journals the journey to find a place to live is the number 1 priority, as it has been my whole life :)

  2. Krista says:

    I’m glad you’re returning to your roots, sharing your personal stories and experiences with us. As you said, the other stuff was great, but it’s YOU that makes this site unique. Looking forward to your posts!

    • -Krista- Thanks Krista, your words mean a lot. I’ll be writing adding in bits here & there, but yes the journals are back.

      -Bibi Jordan- Thanks for sharing your site. Yep, it’s a lot of hard work alright. Let’s see how it pans out!

  3. Bibi Jordan says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog and website, and I’m finding it really inspiring. I write my own travel blog – – about the pleasures and perils of a empty-nester travel writer/photographer morphing from digi-dino to digi diva as I travel the world with my laptop, camera, and flash cards.

    Because I know how much work it takes, I’m really impressed by your concept and content. Keep it up!

  4. Chupsie says:

    Thanks for visiting and staying for three years in the Philippines. I am a Filipino and am more curious now about how a blogger like you has viewed the country where I grew up, and yes, definitely love. This is my home. I hope you can find yours. In the meantime, I’ll continue to enjoy your stories.