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by Dave from The Longest Way Home ~ April 13th, 2012. Updated on August 14th, 2012. Published in: Travel blog » How to guides ... » Website updates.
The Longest Way Home Mobile App

Longest Way Mobile App – available now for free

The Longest Way Mobile App – download it now for free

Updated (Aug 2012)

If you subscribe to my newsletter (if not why aren’t you?) then about six months ago you would have been invited to try out my secret new mobile app! Last month I gave the beta mobile app out to all subscribers/members via the newsletter and the response has been great.

Today I’m letting anyone who wants a copy of my beta mobile app have it for free.

Why do I want your mobile app?

I have no clue. But if you want everything about The Longest Way Home available on your mobile phone, tablet or even browser then the mobile app is a great way to do it.

The Longest Way Home in an app

The Longest Way Home in an app

You can see all my blog posts, tweets, photo galleries, video galleries and social networks in one place instead of having to open up lots of webpages.

And there’s more that you don’t get anywhere else …

All the features of my mobile app:

  • Blog/Journal
  • Latest Tweets
  • Photo Gallery
  • Pinterest Pins
  • Video Gallery
  • Google +
  • Facebook *new*
  • Behind the Lens Photo Series
  • Map of my current location

 That’s a pretty extensive list! Like I wrote above:

My mobile app is like having everything about The Longest Way Home all in your pocket!

Right now this is where you can find me online The Longest Way Home | Twitter | PinterestYouTube | FaceBook | Google+ and so many more I’ve lost count.

Too many right? Well the mobile app wraps them all up into one simple to view place. Simple as that!

What devices does the app run on?

Android, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry and Baida. That includes iPads and various tablets running Android.

The one condition is that the device must support 3rd party apps. In other words if you have an iPhone it must be jailbroken or support 3rd party apps. That’s an Apple policy thing, not me.

If you are on Android simply press – settingsapplications – and tick unknown sources. Install the app and off you go!

The app is still very much in the “beta” format and will remain so until / if it’s available on the official markets.

Are you putting this app on the market so we can all install it?

Full video gallery can be played

Full video gallery can be played

If there’s a huge demand for it then yes. If not then no.

To go through the process of putting the app on all the markets would cost me upwards of $1000. That’s including market fees and app development fees. Then yearly I’d have to pay roughly about $300+ to keep it on the various app markets.

Covering those costs would mean charging for the app or putting ads on it. Currently the app is free to download and free of ads.

Free app = you need a phone that’s also free to install whatever you want

Paid app = demand + cost

So for now, it’s all free!

I really want to try out your app but Apple won’t let me install what I want on “my” iPhone

I know, painful isn’t it.

Not to worry if you want to see what the app is like keep reading and you can view the app via a very cool “mobile browser” version of the app on your web browser for free!

Yep, that’s a two for one free app deal.


Full photo gallery

Full photo gallery

Geo mapping for my up to date location

Geo mapping for my location 



How to get my mobile app

Easy. Just click here when on your mobile phone. Download the app or have it sent via email. Install and off you go.

The “mobile browser” version is also available there.

Or use this QR code if you are super tech savvy.

That’s it! Try it out and let me know what you think.

Coming Soon: 

WarningNext weeks in depth feature article from Nepal will be of a mature subject matter. Content and photographs may cause offense to some who find the mistreatment of children disturbing. 

This is an additional feature post announcing the release of  The Longest Way Home App (Beta version)

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13 Great responses to Mobile app now available for FREE on The Longest Way Home

  1. James says:

    Hey Dave,

    Will you be adding to the gallery on the app? I notice a couple more photos on the app than on your gallery here?

    • Hi James,

      Yes, all new photos from my behind the lens series get added to the app gallery. They’ll also show up on the website photo gallery too but I’ll probably just add all the new ones at once rather than one at a time.

  2. Jen Bakekang says:

    It cost $1000 to make an app! I never though it would cost that much?

    • Actually the $1000 is broken into app fees and development. So like I wrote above $300 is for app markets which leaves $700 for app development. It’s actually less than that but I’m accounting for cost increases in the forthcoming year.

  3. Wow Dave, your app looks amazing – and so functional. A very slick product. Great work.

    PS: Did you create this yourself ?

  4. Pretty awesome Dave! Totally sick (in a cool way). You’re just loaded with mad techie skillz! Now the test for iPod Touch users… can I take you offline w/ me? ;-) Or can I bookmark & download some of your cool guides.

    BTW- you could do what Travelfish does and sell downloadable guides country by country.

    • Ha ha. The only way you can take me offline is to buy a pretty big suitcase ;) The app uses many live services so it needs the internet to be fully functional.

      I’ve certainly thought about producing a travel guide like the excellent Travelfish guides(still waiting for Stuart to produce a non-apple version!). For me this app is a testing ground in many respects.

  5. flipnomad says:

    Wow! Congratulations man on the app… Checking it out…