Seeing the Unseen: Exposing Mindanao & some upcoming features

Indigenous tribesman from Kaamulan
Indigenous tribesman from Kaamulan (click to enlarge)

Time to meet some people most travelers don’t see.

Flash Flood Victims in Mindanao
Flash Flood Victims in Mindanao

I’ve spent a long time in the Philippines searching for home. Some of it was to prove to myself and to others that island life is not for me. From time in tropical Palawan to now in the southern most island of Mindanao. An area stricken by occasional violence, too frequent bad press, and many other negative aspects.

Many people email me to ask about my book, the site, and are very flattering with their words about finding this an inspirational journey. Truly I am humbled.

However; one of the things I have learned over the past 5 years is that it’s the people I meet that are the ones who truly inspire me.

I’d like to share with you these people here on my journal.

There will be a new series of articles appearing here based on my travel stories page from The People I Met, section.

Mindanao is the large island in the south
Mindanao is the large island in the south

Seeing the Unseen: Real people and their lives that tourists and other travelers don’t always get to see, or choose not to. Places not mentioned in the guide books, and festivals that are run on no set day (though locals will argue that point :) )

I’ve amalgamated a lot of information about the Philippines during my time here;  but wish to focus on Mindanao with this new series.

I’ll be writing up an excerpt here with a link to the full story on each page.

There, you will find lots of photographs, a podcast, and the written story.

While living on an Island was not my idea, traveling and living in Mindanao is. It’s certainly something I prefer.

Here I have tried a different way of searching for home. My way. I prefer it to living on a tropical island by far.

I hope with this series you’ll get to see an inside scoop on some of the real people from the Philippines, their lives, and some places in the little visited region of Mindanao.

More to come on The Longest Way Home in the coming weeks:

  • I will be writing some additional articles about some untold truths in the world of travel.
  • I have what I think are a set of never seen before in-depth interviews with some pretty incredible travel related people that will shed some light on a topic not many touch on, but everyone wants to know!
  • Plus, my journal updates on my continuing search for home; which has some important changes underway.

One last thing on upcoming things – please take this opportunity to subscribe to my updates via email. It’s FREE, it gets delivered to your chosen email address on a weekly basis. And, there’s some content coming that only subscribers will have access to (hint, hint, trust me on this one okay! ) Here’s the link to add your email address.

With Seeing the Unseen: I hope that, maybe,  it will help dispel some rumors, and show people what’s further south in The Philippines … I hope you’ll enjoy this, and some of the new features coming here.

The bizarreness of Mindanao
The bizarreness of Mindanao

Coming soon:

The sea salt makers

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    1. -Renny- He’s from Kaamulan, which is in the Province of Bukidnon. A beautiful place that’s got some cool feeling weather. Glad to read you are looking forward to what’s coming up. Hopefully it will bring some understanding to this region and of the people not many get to see

  1. Sounds intriguing! The Philiipppines is like the hidden sister in Asia – look forward to learning more!

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