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Comments: I thought with the forthcoming Karl Bushby post above it would be a good time to activate the comments section on the page. I’ve not had them on before as with travel and the search, plus keeping the site updated I really struggle with time. And know I would feel bad if I could not reply to everyone on this blog/journal page.

I do however reply to all the emails people have taken the time to send me. Some of which have been very inspirational, thank you.

You can reply to these comments via email, which should help in posting time etc.

For now comments are on, and it would be great to get some feedback on the site as a whole, what you like what you don’t like etc? So over to you now!?

RSS/Email Subscriptions:You might have noticed that there was not a direct RSS feed for The Longest Way Home Blog page before. The main site had an RSS feed, and so did/does the Journal/blog. Well, I’ve combined the two now, and added in a lot more for the future of the site.

What does that mean? Well, no matter what feed you are currently subscribed to, things continue on as normal, so you don’t have to do anything. But if you want the best of the best, sign up to the permanent one here. Actually everything on the site now points to the new RSS and Email feeds, so you can sign up from anywhere.

New/updated pages: The new Travel book / DVD Review page has already attracted a lot of attention, which is great. I’ll be making new additions whenever I can.

The free music page is doing well too, which is strange as I only really put there for my own mp3 updates – If anyone knows of a music artist from any country I have traveled through that would like to be featured on the page please let me know. The only conditions are that they must have a selection of traditional indigenous tracks from there country. And at least one must be available online for downloading that I can link to.

Thanks again for the great emails. Again, I am not so sure how the comments here will span out but lets see.

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