Top Places to Travel & Photograph a FREE Photo-E-book Gift to all subscribers of The Longest Way Home!

Find out where my 5 Top Places to Travel & Photograph are –

The answer’s going to surprise you!

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Top Places to Travel & Photograph - Photo-e-book
5 Top Places to Travel & Photograph - Photo-e-book

5 Top Places to Travel & Photograph is a high quality full color 37 page photo-e-book that, I believe, sets a new standard for photo-e-books, and e-books in general.

And, it’s completely FREE to all subscribers of this website. Sign up here to subscribe to my free journals and get your copy!

But please hurry, as it’s a time limited offer!


  • Full color travel-photographs
  • Beautiful full page pullouts
  • Designed to be printed out
  • No page numbers on large photos for better viewing & printing
  • Every chapter has a tips page on travel & photography related to that country
  • A fully interactive menu for easy navigation

There is also a high definition print copy available. It’s currently weighing in at around 100mb. Due to storage costs the only way I can offer this via payment. If you like the free copy and would like the high definition print edition, then please contact me.

The story behind 5 Top Places to Travel & Photograph:

I’ve been working on several photo projects over the past 6 months. And, on one in particularly I failed. Yes, I said I failed.

Someone wished to have a coffee table photography book, and I was unable to deliver due to time issues, visa issues and, at that time, my lack of desktop publishing skills.

I could have forgotten about it, or outsourced it, but as you may have seen on this journal, I don’t give up so easily. And, I believe you should aspire to learn what you don’t know.

So over the past few months I forged ahead and worked on the separate offline project. Top Places to Travel & Photograph developed from there.

It is something I wanted to give the subscribers of this website, the people that comment here, and the people that email me as a way of saying – Thank You.

And, this is it.

It’s been utterly fantastic to hear from you, to meet you, and to get your support. This is a long journey and it’s great to have you join along.

So please, if you don’t subscribe already now is a great opportunity to do so. Subscribing is completely free too!

By subscribing you not only get this free photo-e-book, but also my weekly travel journals, exclusive behind the scenes access to my journey, plus you’ll be the first to find out about future giveaways!

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Email Subscribers who already received their copy please note that this is a slightly updated version (v.1.1)


  • All large landscape photographs are now displayed in landscape (horizontal) format
  • One landscape page number has been removed

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5 Replies to “Top Places to Travel & Photograph a FREE Photo-E-book Gift to all subscribers of The Longest Way Home!”

  1. Amazing layout! Thank you. I got it a few days ago. I love it!

  2. Thank you very much for taking your time to come out with this amazing E-book for your ‘subscribers’. You might have heard this lots of times, but I need to tell you that your ‘Top Places to Travel & Photograph” e-book is one of the best I have seen so far.
    Aside from its amazing layout and the tips, those photographs are really really beautiful. My first time seeing this e-book, I was stunned … truly beyond words. You’re such a talented photographer!

    ‘Pictures speaks a thousand words’, yours surely speaks millions words… keep the good work!

    As always, good luck on your journey, hope you find your home soon, and hopefully the next e-book of yours will be something about Top Reasons to Call Somewhere a Home!? :)

    Looking forward to your post about ‘Rafflesia’ , it’s something that always interests me.

    Take care, stay healthy, travel safe and be happy… always!

    1. -jessiev- You very welcome Jessie

      -Renny- Glad you’ve love it!

      -yee- Nice to hear from you again. And, thanks so much for those very kind flattering words. I’m glad you like the e-book so much. The people that helped proof it also deserve credit.

      Yes, the feedback from the ebook has been outstanding. Including this review on

      Thanks once again!

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