André Brugiroux

Hitchhiking around the world like no other

There are some travelers in the world the epitomize what great travel journeys are all about, André Brugiroux is one such man. For over 55 years André Brugiroux has traveled the world, his first 18 years by hitchhiking alone! André Brugiroux

About André's amazing journey

Born in 1935 in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, France at the age of 17 André left his home to begin an epic 18 year hitchhike around the word. He's hitchhiked on cars, boars and even planes to make his way around.

Braving headhunters in Borneo, machine gun welding Venezuelans and myriad of other obstacles André covered over 400,000 kilometers spanning 135 countries, and all the continents.

His journey wouldn't end there though, returning to France in order to recuperate, André began a new chapter in his vast travels, one with a mission.


Traveling to every country in the world with a message

By the end of his 18 year hitchhiking journey André concluded with the concept learned from the baha’i faith that “The Earth is but one country”.

Now living in France André Brugiroux would write a book about his journey and discoveries One People, One Planet.

Following this André embarked on a new journey to visit every country in the world. And, along the way let people know what he discovered within the concept of everyone is basically the same!

An incredible journey man, André continues on today ...

On the 12th of December 2011 André Brugiroux traveled to the world's newest country, South Sudan. In doing so he once again accomplished his goal of visiting every country in the world!

André has a website where you can find both French and English versions of his books, and DVD on his journeys - Andre Brugiroux

I've had the opportunity to talk with André about his journey and life as I presented him with his Great Modern Traveler Award. It's an insightful interview that I recommend - Interview with Andre Brugiroux