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The best travel blog directory & list of travel websites in the world!

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There are many many travel blogs, websites and photography websites out there. I've visited every one that is listed here.

On this page you will find my list of favorites, helpful sites, and a huge listing of all the travel blogs in the world, including many descriptions, RSS feeds, Twitter, and Facebook contact details.

If you think you have a great travelogue, travel blog, or travel website then you can submit your site on this page. Never know, it might end up in my favorites too!

My Favorite Travel Sites (link to top)

Odyssey XXI: Karl Busby's 12 + year odyssey to walk around the world. He's also a member of the  great modern travelers.
Road Junky Travel: For the more hardcore traveler articles & in your face advice. Personal favorite, but it won't be everyone's.  
Live in the Philippines: If you ever want to move or live in The Philippines, you can't beat Bob's incredible website.  
South East Asia Experience: A short blog about a woman who sets off to discover her own part of the world.  
Travelblogs: a great collection of travel sites, blogs, interviews and reviews from around the world. A great place to stop by and see what's going on out there!
Long Way Round: Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman's motorcycle trip around the world from London to New York.
DigiDrift: Jason creates orginal and interesting travel content. As close to a content aware travel magazine as I've come across.  

Travel Blog Directory (link to top)

Here's my ever growing best directory of travel blogs complete with RSS feeds, Twitter accounts and Facebook contacts all alphabetically listed. This particular list focuses on real travelogues rather than commercial blogs which are listed separately later on.

If you want your travel blog entered into this particular travel blog directory, write a comment at the bottom of this page with your details.

U V W X Y Z        

1 Dad, 1 Kid, 1 Crazy Adventure
1 World 2 Go
10 Cities – 10 Years  
1000 Lonely Places  
1000 Places to Fight Before You Die  
2 Nomads. 1 Narrative  
24°09’N 120°40’E  
30 Traveler  
365 Things to do in Washington DC  
77 Countries  
9000 Miles: Scott travels the U.S.A. over 4 months in a van, these are his journals    
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A Dangerous Business  
A Little Adrift  
A Travel Around the World  
A Wandering Sole  
A Year in Motion: Follow Ninfa & Tony as they prepare for their RTW trip  
Abandon the Cube  
Adventure Bimbling: Andrew Murray's travel planning and travel blog  
Adventure Rider  
Adventurous Kate
Ah Trini Travelogue  
Ali’s Adventures  
Al’s Perpendicular Universe  
Alex in Wanderland  
Alex’s Travel Blog  
Almost Fearless  
Ana Travels  
Andean Drift
Andy Hayes  
Ang Dakilang Lakwatsera  
Anygame Anywhere  
Arie’s Travels  
Around the World “L”  
Around the World on a Toilet  
Around This World  
Artsy Traveler
As We Travel  
Ashlea Abroad  
Aussie on the Road  
Away We Go  
Awesome Solo Travels
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Backpacking Chica  
Backpacking Diplomacy: Andy's travel site about backpacking
Backpacking Matt  
Backpacking on the Cheap  
Backpacking Worldwide: Matt Hope's backpacking blog around Central America  
Bacon is Magic: Ayngelina has traveled before, and is getting ready for a whole new adventure  
Bamboo Butterfly  
Bare Pockets: Romanian climber Octavia writes about travel and climbing
Be On The Road  
Beachcomber Pete  
Beyond Disney Travel Tips    
Bear Shaped Sphere  
Beers and Beans  
Beyond Backpacking  
Bike 49  
Bike and Boots  
Bjorn Free  
Blog di Viaggi  
Blonde Brunette Travel: humorous travel blog writings
Blondie Travel Blog:  Polish Agata shares her traveling experiences with the world  
Boarding Gate 101    
Book of Liv  
Border Jumpers: Bernard and Danielle's travel blog in Africa.  
Breathe, Dream, Go  
Brooke Vs. The World  
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Caffeinated Traveller  
Camels and Chocolate  
Canada’s Adventure Couple  
Candice Does the World  
Candy From Strangers  
Captain and Clark: a couple embarks on a journey to deliver letters from a Post Office Bay in the Galapagos
Casey Armstrong  
Chang Chang Travels  
Charco Trip  
Charity Travel  
Chasing a Tale
Chris Around The World  
Chris’ World  
Christina Hegele  
Consulting Rehab  
Contemporary Nomad: Tony and Thomas decided to quit their jobs to travel in contemporary style.  
Couchsitters to Globetrotters  
Cult of Travel  
Curious Cockroach  
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D Travels Round: 30 + Diana chucks in the 9-5 and goes on the road for a new travel lifestyle
Daily Propaganda: Photography and travel writing from around SEA by Kurt  
Dan’s Adventure: Scottish Dan is about to set off on a round the world journey in August 2009.  
Dave’s Travel Corner  
Deepa Around the World  
Delectable World  
Destination Growth: AJ tavels and makes some positive changes in his life
Destination Terre  
Diaries of an Explorer
Diary of the Purple Passport  
Dotting the Map  
Double the Adventure  
Dream Explore Wander: Aggy explores living, traveling and exploring across the world
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Easy Hiker  
Eat, Play, Love  
Eclectic Trips  
Embark Adventure Blog  
Emmas Travel Tales  
English Man in Moscow  
Escape from Cube Land  
Escapismo Genuino  
Eurofest: Piotr & Eliot drink their way across Europe    
Eve on a Limb
Ever in Transit: Two Californians who love to explore the world through travel, food, and drink.
Everything-Everywhere: Join Gary as he goes just about Everywhere RTW  
Everywhere Once  
Ever the Nomad  
Expert Vagabond  
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Facetious farang    
Filipina on Flip Flops  
Filipina Soul: A Filipina living in the USA blogging about the Philippines from the other side of the pacific.  
Finding Lucie: Read French? You might like this about a French girl in Nepal  
Finding the Universe: Travel and life, with some possible humor ahead  
Fish and Feathers: Hilde and Maarten from the Netherlands travel blog
Fish Egg Tree    
First Time Travels: A Filipina's travel blog dedicated to first time travelers
Flip Nomad: a travel blog from a Filipino perspective.  
Fly Away Birdie  
Fogg Odyssey  
Follow Our Footsteps  
Foodie Budget Traveler  
For 91 Days  
Fraidypants Princess Travels The Globe  
Francis Tapon  
Freckled Farmer  
From Here to Uncertainty  
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Gap Year Escape  
Get Lost on Purpose  
Ginger Nomads: Heather blogs about her travels and plans from a nomadic perspective
Girl Solo in Arabia  
Global Junkie  
Global Road Trekker  
Globe Nomads  
Globe Stompers  
Globe Trottier  
Go See Run Eat Drink  
Go See Write: An Attorney travels around the world  
Go With The Ebb  
Goats on the Road: a 28-year-old couple from Canada living the lifestyle of their dreams
Golden Book Traveler  
Guide 2 Travel  
Grantourismo Travels
Green Around the Globe  
Gringo Starr  
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Happy Time Blog: Smart, fresh & good looking travel blog from Aaron & Georgie.  
Have Media, Will Travel  
Helen’s Travel Corner  
Hello, Meet World  
Hello Stranger Travel: Megan meanderings on travel  
Hobo Traveler  
Hole in the Donut  
Holes in my Soles  
Hot Toddies  
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I Heart Travel  
Ian and Wendy  
iBackpacker Travel  
Indian Columbus (india)  
Inner Vision: Fatema and Shivanand Manthalkar's great blog, a great insight into life in India. (india)  
Inside the Travel Lab  
Inspired by Krissi
Itinerant Londoner  
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J Trek: Joel’s around the world travel blog.  
Jasmine Wonders  
Jennifer Travels  
Jessica Uprooted  
Joe’s Trippin’  
Journey with Janelle
Jro’s World Travel Blog  
Just 5 More Minutes      
Just a Julie: Julie leaves her job to travel the world  
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Kaleidoscopic Wandering  
Katie Aune  
Katie Silcox  
Killing Batteries  
Kiwi Blog Bus    
Kyle the Vagabond  
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LADventures: A male perspective on travel & adventure
Lash World Tour: Follow Lash, a long term traveler, as she travels the world  
Latin Abroad  
Leaving Jack Behind  
Lee Abbamonte  
Legal Nomads: Follow Jodi as she takes a lawyers break and goes solo around the world.  
Life of Justin  
Life on 4 Wheels: Join Chris and Ali as they go by camper van around Europe!
Little Colombia Observationist: Stephanie's observations on life in Colombia & all things expat  
Living Global  
Living the Dream  
Living Rootless:An introverted woman of a certain age sells her house, gets rid of her stuff, and goes rootless.    
Leave Your Daily Hell  
LL World Tour  
Luc and Alison Travel  
Lush Life  
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Maggie Williams Wanderer  
Maiden Voyage  
Maja-Kriznik: Read Slovenian? If not, then the Asian photos are still worth a look!  
Man on the Lam: Travel enthusiast makes the most of his fun time travel blog  
Man vs Clock: One man & his countdown clock to travel freedom  
Manali & Terry  
Map the Planet  
Mark Horrell
Mary Around the World  
Maverick Traveler  
Mindless Wanderings  
Mondo Memento  
Monkey and Rooster  
Monkey Brewster  
Motorcycle Memoir  
Ms Travelling Pants  
My Travel Affairs
Mundo Nomado  
My Itchy Travel Feet  
My Several Worlds  
Mystic Sail  
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Nancy Under the Stars: A single gal with a new found look on the world  
Natasha Sahara Latiff: A 3rd year law student returns to Afghanistan for the second time. Photographs, videos, musings and a great insight.  
Nicole is the New Black  
No Debt World Travel  
No Place To Be  
No Planes: Follow Nathan as he travels with no planes  
Nomad 4ever  
Nomadic Chick  
Nomadic Experiences
Nomadic Matt’s Travel Site: Travel blog, tips, photographs and articles  
Nomadic Notes  
Notes From the Road  
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Off-Track Backpacking  
Old World Wondering  
Olympic Wanderings  
One Backpack  
One Girl World  
One Step 4ward: Johnny from Ireland travels and works around the world  
Other Guy’s Dime Blog: A professor in Minnesota talks travel  
Our Jotter Book: Time of our lives travel by two Singaporean's living in the UK  
Our Mad World  
Our New Office  
Our Road
Our RTW Trip  
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Passport to the World  
Pat Travels The World  
Pau Travels  
Paul Kilfoil  
Pause The Moment  
Petes Wicked Travels    
Phil In The Blank  
Pictures of Earth  

An independent wanderer shares his thoughts about travel.

Planet Kapow
Pommie in Australia: One girls tales and anecdotes from her journey down under.  
Portable Parents  
Post-Graduation Explorations  
Powered by Tofu  
Pretty Zoely  
Priyank: Codenamed Final Transit, join culture seeking Priyank on his travels  
Pursuit of Excitement  
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Questing for Adventure  

Raising Miro  
Ramblings of  Wandering Mind  
Reflections Enroute  
Rickshaw Ramblings  
Road Trips for Foodies  
Rob and Deb – Our Way  
Round The World Traveler  
Round The World Trip  
Round We Go  
Runaway Guide: A former runaway blogs and gives travel advice  
Runaway Jane  
Runaway Juno  
RV Adventure with Pets    
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S/V Billabong  
Saben and Lin  
Sacred Destinations  
Sams Playground: Sam's a technology and photography enthusiast writing about his travels
Scott Nord Quist  
Seat of Our Pants  
Seattle Flyer Guy  
Sending Postcards  
Shape of Lizards  
She’s In Love With The World  
Sierra Lights  
Skip Hunt: Vagabond  
So Not Lost  
Solbeam: A welcome relief from someone with rarely a negative word about her life’s travels.  
Solo Female Traveler  
Solo Flight Ed: Ed's from The Philippines and currently traveling across South East Asia
Somewhere or Bust: Noah takes on travel and its niche areas to inspire
Sophie’s World  
Spirited Designs  
Stadium Journey  
Stepping String:  
Stories of Conflict and Love  
Surrounded by the Sound  
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Teaching Expat  
Technomadia: A couple take to the road in an RV for an independent lifestyle
The Adventurer on a Shoestring  
The Art of Backpacking  
The Aussie Nomad: Chris takes a break from the Australian cubicle to travel the world  
The Big Fat World  
The Big Travel Theory: childhood sweethearts chasing the American dream 
The Boozy Prune      
The Brink of Something Else  
The Brooklyn Nomad  
The Candy Trail: Backpacking Travel Adventures to the World’s Amazing Places  
The Constant Rambler: road trips across America by Kenin & Lauren
The Feral Scribe  
The Global Traveller  
The Happy Explorer  
The Hungry Cyclist  
The Jungle Princess: Abby moves from New York to the jungle, great read from many perspectives  
The Life Less Traveled  
The Longest Way Home: One man on a global quest to travel the world in search of home  
The Lost Girls  
The Lost Globe  
The Miss Adventure Journals  
The Modern Nomad  
The Pursuit of Adventure: South East Asia and beyond.  
The Rambler  
The Rambling Traveler  
The Recovering Vagabond  
The Road Forks  
The Scribbling Nomad  
The Surfer Life  
The Travel Tweeter  
The Traveling Assassin  
The Traveling Bastards  
The Traveling Canadian  
The Traveling Feet: Doi chronicles her adventures and misadventures around the world
The Traveling Giraffe  
The Traveling Travel Agent  
The Vagabond Adventures  
The Voss Dufour World Tour  
The Wander Life  
The Wander Project  
The Wide Wide World  
The Working Traveller  
The World By Road  
The World Effect  
The World is Waiting: Expat observations and travel tips from all over the world
The World on a Toilet: Join Lianna & Nick as they travel the world  
There and Back again: Tales from a travel addicted called Shanna
This Battered Suitcase  
Thom and Sean’s World Trip  
Three Go Global  
Time of Our Lives  
Tired of I.T.  
Todd’s Wanderings  
Trail of Ants: Travel site featuring the well written & humorous musings of Ant Stone  
Travel by Karz  
Travel Calling  
Travel Dave  
Travel Drunk  
Travel Feeder  
Travel for Love  
Travel Go Lucky  
Travel Junkette:

Susan's in Korea, but also taking on the world with her travel blog

Travel Junkie Julia  
Travel Junkies  
Travel Notes: Manoj's photo travel journals from different parts of the world  
Travel Tracks  
Travel with a Mate  
Traveler Ahoy  
Traveler Foilo  
Traveling Boots  
Traveling Canucks  
Traveling Paddy  
Travelling Blogger: Kar documents his adventures and experiences travelling
Travelling Panda: Who is the travelling panda? An independent traveller doing it his own way  
Traveling Savage: Travel blog by Keith who's living in Scotland  
Traveling Toddler Blog  
Travels of Adam: Adam's forthcoming round the world travel blog  
Travels with Zen-Aida  
True Travellers Society  
Trunk to Tail: Alex & Bronwyn travel Europe together as a married couple
Twenty-Something Travel  
Two Backpackers  
Two Backpacks, One World
Two Beers and a Pretzel  
Two Go Round-The-World  
Two Yam Yams Abroad: Chris & Aimee quit their jobs to travel the world
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Uncornered Market  
Unstuck Travel  
Up Above to Down Under: James travels New Zealand with a little bit of Singapore and Australia  
  (back to top of directory index)      

Vagabond Journey  
Vagabond Lara  
Vagabonding Life  
Vagabond Quest  
Vegan World Trekker  
Viagem Afora  
Yin Yang Travelling    
Vino Divina  
Virtual Wayfarer  
Voyage Auto Ur Dumonde  
  (back to top of directory index)      

Walking the Bay  
Wander and Explore  
Wandering About: Jakob from Holland uses his website to document his world travels
Wandering Earl: Earl's exploring the world and life, through many adventures  
Wandering Justin  
Wandering Why  
Wanderlass: A girls quest for an extraordinary life in travel  
Wayfaring Wanderer  
Wayne on the Road  
Ways of Wanderers:  Jess discovers how to get the most out of traveling on a budget 
We Are Sole Sisters: Two great Filipina sisters take on the world of travel  
We’ve Gone Away  
Weekend Haven  
Wired to the World
Without Baggage  
WorldWide Adventurers: Jo & Des, a 50 something couple, travel the world
World Travel Gap Year  
Woman Seeks World  
World Walk Peace Tour  
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  (back to top of directory index)      

Yellow Brick Road Trip  
Yes! Adventures  
Yomadic: Nate takes on long-term travel from a nomadic angle
Yonder Sneaks the Vagabond: Travels of a Canadian away from home, and back again  
You’re Not From Around Here  
Young Snowbirds  
Yousef d Al-Maghrib  
  (back to top of directory index)      

Zoo Adventurer  
  (back to top of directory index)      

Travel Photo Blogs (link to top)

A list of good photographic works, photographers website's and documentary portfolios. To have your site included, please link back & Add your site here

5x5 Photo Mag    
Burn Magazine: an evolving journal for emerging photographers.  
Canvas of Light Photography  
Daily Travel Pic  
FotoArk: Travel & photography magazine  
Lechua Photography  
Michaels World through the Lens    
Nancy Chuang: Photography & Travelogues from Africa to South America to the Mid East.  
PhotoJBartlett: Travel photography and writing from Freelancer Jeff Bartlett.  
Photo Journalist Singapore: Aspiring Photojournalist in Travel, Events and Sports Photography.  
Polynesian around the world: French Polynesian travels & Photography  
Tanveer Badal Photography  
The Carey Adventures: Impressive photography, travel & thoughts from Peter West Carey  
The Happy Explorer: Keith's collection of favorite travel photos from around the world  
Wildlife Photography: Talented world wildlife photographer Darren Hector.  

Travel Podcast Directory (link to top)

Amateur Traveler
Betty in the Sky
Career Break Secrets
Excess Baggage
Heather on her Travels  
Indie Travel Podcast
Frommners Podcast
Notes from Spain
The Rest of Everest
The World
This Week In Travel

General & Commercial Travel Blogs (link to top)

48 Hour adventure  
Adventure Insider    
Adventures of a Goodman  
Aarons WW Adventures  
A View to a Thrill  
A Zillion Places  
Across and Abroad  
Adventures with Ben  
Backpacker Ben  
Backpacker Daily      
Beach Holidays Blog    
Be a Travel Bee  
Before You Backpack  
Best Places In  
Bohemian Trails  
Boldly Go Solo  
Breathe Dream Go  
Budget Globetrotting      
Camper Van Trips  
Carrie and Jonathan  
Career Break Secrets  
Christian World Traveler  
Collazo Projects    
Colliding Continents  
Common Sense and Whiskey    
Dangerous Business  
Dauntless Jaunter  
Destination Darts      
Dotted Route  
Dream A Little Dream  
Enduring Wanderlust  
Escapist Traveller  
Eye Flare  
Exotic Visitors  
Flashpacker HQ  
Fluent in 3 months  
Free Travel Go  
From a travellers desk  
Global Grasshopper  
Great Holiday Ideas      
Green Traveler Guides  
Happy Travelers  
Hike Bike Travel  
Intelligent Travel (National Geographic)    
I Tour Now  
J the Travel Authority  
Johnny Jet Travel  
Lets Fly Cheaper  
Mai Travel Site  
Maiden Voyage Travel  
Mary is Awesome  
Matador Network  
Meet Plan Go  
My Travel Guide Posts  
Never Ending Voyage  
Nile Guide    
Off Track Planet  
On a Junket  
One Giant Step  
Outdoor hiking    
Perceptive Travel  
Reclaiming my Future  
Roaming Tales    
Sand Dollar Adventures    
Seat of Our Pants  
Solo Friendly  
Stage Voyage    
Staying Native
Start Backpacking  
Susies Travel Web  
Teaching Traveling  
The 9 to 5 Alternative    
The Antitourist  
The High Road to Tibet  
The Jet Set Girls  
The Travel Guru    
The Travelers Way  
These Boots  
Transient Travels  
Trav Monkey  
Travel 30 Plus  
Travel Addicts  
Travel Answerman  
Travel Eater  
Travel Experta    
Travel Fearlesly  
Travel Go Girl  
Travel Living Bliss  
Travel Splendid  
Travel Team Travel Secrets  
Travel video ideas      
Travel with a Mate    
Traveling with MJ    
Traveling Canucks  
Traveling Project  
Traveling Ted   
Velvet Escape  
Vip Travelbug  
Virtual Wayfarer  
Viva la Dream Travel  
Wandering Educators  
Wanderlust and Lipstick  
Wayfarers and Pathfinders  
We Blog the World  
What Boundaries Travel  
Wild About Travel  
Word Heritage Travel  
World Salad  
Y Travel Blog  
Your Holiday Tips  

Art & Culture Travel Blogs (link to top)

Artist at Large
Ancient Digger

Destination Specific Travel Blog Directory
(link to top)

Argentina Travel Blogs

Argentina Travel Blog  
Argentina Travel Blogs: TravelPod  
Argentina Travel Blogs: TravellersPoint      

Australia Travel Blogs

Pommie in Australia  
Aussie on the Road  
Aussie Travel Advice  
Rocky Travel  
Sofia na Australia: Sofia packs her bags and moves to Australia
Australia Travel Blogs: Travel Pod  
Australia Travel Blogs: TravellersPoint      

Belgium Travel Blogs

Belgium Travel Blogs: TravelPod
Belgium Travel Blogs: TravellersPoint      

Belize Travel Blogs

Belize Travel Blogs: TravelPod      
Belize Travel Blogs: TravellersPoint      

Brazil Travel Blogs

Blondie in Brazil      
Brazil Travel Blog      
Danielle in Brazil      
The Real Brazil    
Brazil: TravelPod      

British Travel Blogs

Blighty Traveller    
British Travel Blogs: TravelPod      

Canada Travel Blogs

Canada Travel Blogs: TravelPod      
Canada Travel Blogs: Travellerspoint      

Cambodia Travel Blogs

Preah Vihear      
Cambodia: TravelPod      
Cambodia: Travellerspoint      

Chile Travel Blogs

Chile: TravelPod      
Chile: Travellerspoint      

China Travel Blogs

Asian Ramblings  
Beijing Holiday    
China Mike    
Far West China  
Frank Losing Face    
Jessica Melanie    
The Good Village    
To China and Beyond  
China Travel Blogs: TravelPod    

Colombia Travel Blogs

Medellin Living  
O Colombia  
See Colombia      
Colombia Travel Blogs: TravelPod      
Colombia Travel Blogs: Travellerspoint      

Costa Rica Travel Blogs

Mucha Costa Rica  
The Costarica Gringo  
Costa Rica Travel Blogs: TravelPod      

Croatia Travel Blogs

Istria Travel

Ecuador Travel Blogs

Ecuador Unplugged

Europe Travel Blogs

Europe a la Carte    
Europe Traveler  
Europe Up Close  
Eurotrip Tips  
MIT 97    
This French Life  
Travel Advice Europe  
European Travel Blogs: TravelPod      

Hong Kong Travel Blogs

Big Foot Tour  
Just Hong Kong Travel    
Hong Kong Travel Blogs: TravelPod      

India Travel Blogs

10 Year Itch  
About Goa  
Inner Vision    
John Luth  
Moon on My Wings
Painted Stork  
Rajniran Jandas    
Unparalleled India    
India Travel Blogs: TravelPod      

Indonesia Travel Blogs

Bali Homeland    
Lompat Lompat: Traveling in Indonesian    
Indonesia On The Trail    
Indonesia Travel Blogs: Travellerspoint    

Israel Travel Blogs

Trek The Unknown    
Israel Travel Blogs: TravelPod      

Ireland Travel Blogs

Dream Ireland    
Irish Fireside    
Ireland Travel Blogs: TravelPod      
Ireland Travel Blogs: TravellersPoint      

Italy Travel Blogs

Dream of Italy    
Ms Adventures in Italy    
Sardinia Travel Guide    
Trust and Travel
Italy Travel Blogs: TravellersPoint      

Japan Travel Blogs

Budget Trouble    
Neil Duckett    
Japan It Up    
Japan Travelmate    
Urutora No Hihi    

Korea Travel Blogs

Attack of the Killer Korea    
Chris in South Korea  
Eat Your Kimchi    
Korea Diva    
Mark is a Payne    

Malaysia Travel Blogs

Go Borneo Travel  
House of Anne
I am the Witch  
Travel Malaysia Guide  

Malta Travel Blogs

A City Abroad - rachelae: Year long adventure on the island of Malta.  

Mexico Travel Blogs

Living la Paz    

Norway Travel Blogs

Life in Norway

Philippines Travel Blogs

Backpacking Philippines  
Island Girl Traveller: Explore the Philippines with this girl traveling the islands 
Manila Blog  
Out of Town Blog  
Pinoy Travelblog    
Searching Paradise

Singapore Travel Blogs

Good Morning Yesterday  
Photo Journalist Singapore  
The Long Winding Road  
Victor Koo  
Singapore Travel Blog: The Longest Way Home      
Singapore Travel Blogs: TravelPod      
Singapore Travel Blogs: Travellerspoint      

Spain Travel Blogs

Every Museum Madrid      

Switzerland Travel Blogs

Andrews Expat

Thailand Travel Blogs

Thai Travel Blogs  
Thailand Travel Blogs: TravelPod      
Thailand Travel Blogs: TravellersPoint      

USA Travel Blogs

Barry on the Road
Downtown Traveler  
Great American Roadtrip      
Keywest Lookout    
Rambling Traveler  
Helen Mills  

Family Travel Blogs (link to top)

1 Dad, 1 Kid
Abrams Family World Travel    
Cascadia Kids
Ciao Bambino
Delicious Baby
Go Big or Go Home Blog
Have Baby Will Travel
Raising Miro
Road Trips for Families
Soul Travelers 3
Travel with Teens
Travel Savvy Mom
Escape Artistes

Motorcycle Travel Blogs (link to top)

Bike and Boots
Car Laking
Judy Lawless      
Riding the Dream    
Roadside Wonders
The London Biker    

Travel Resource Directory (link to top)

Asia for Visitors: Online travel guide to Southeast Asia
Airwise: Need help with information about an airport, go here.
BootsnAll: Popular user generated online travel guide, forum with a host of travel articles.  
Budget Your Trip: work out the daily costs of your trip    
Cheap Flights Lisbon Travel Guide: My insiders travel guide to Lisbon, Portugal    
Darn Good Digs    
EmbassyWorld: Want to know where the nearest embassy is? Go here.    
EscapeArtist: Thinking of moving to another country? Check this site out. It's littered with ads and pay for information links. But a lot of the information is free.    
Expatistian :Upcoming site for comparing prices in cities around the world
Lonely Planet Thorn Tree Possibly the best known forum for travel related questions & answers    
Photo Legal: A well put together podcast is just one of the features of this legal show. Good for photographers before they travel    
Sleeping in Airports: Want to know how to do it, here you go.    
The Man in Seat 61: Anything to do with trains and train travel is here    
Trav Buddy: Forums, and trip planning    
Travel Rants: Got a gripe in the world of travel, go here!    

TravelFish: The best South East Asia online guides & forums, a growing empire of travel resources.

Travellerspoint: Fresh, with good solid answers to your questions via forums, with free travel blogs. The support is simply the best.
Women on the road: travel resource website for women solo traveling around the world

Travel Blog Hosting (link to top)

Fuzzy Travel    
Get Jealous    
Globe Notes    
My Trip Journal    
STA Travel Blogs    
Travellers Point    
Trip N Tale    

Travel Consumer / Industry Blogs (link to top)

Blog on Travel
Border Crossing Wiki    
Grumpy Traveller
Flying Critic
Global Travel News
Happy Hotelier
Nerds Eye View
The Travel PR Blog
Travel Fusion
Travel Rants
Upgrade Travel Better

Travel Forums (link to top)

Horizons Unlimited    
Rough Guides    
Lonely Planet Thorn Tree    

For more on travel forums read this review of the best travel forums.


Travel Blog Directories (link to top)

Blog Flux    

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