The Best Guidebook to Nepal

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Best guidebook to Nepal

The most up to date travel guidebook to Nepal in the world The latest editions in my Nepal guidebook collection have just been published and fully updated including the new edition of the best guide book to Nepal in 2019. Now there’s both a complete collection of all my individual guidebooks to Nepal but also the most… Continue reading more »

Trekking Panchase: Day three – the return

Published in: Nepal | April 8th, 2019
Farmer carrying Buffalo fodder in Panchase

Breakfast in Bhanjyang before the descent There’s no doubt you can come back to Pokhara from Panchase on the second day after sunrise. But the restful afternoon after the sunrise was enjoyable and relaxing. The next morning it meant there would be no rush either. We got up, avoided the rice pancakes and dove into… Continue reading more »

Trekking Panchase: Day two – sunrise

Published in: Nepal | March 25th, 2019
Sunrise on Panchase Peak

Bhanyjang to Panchase Peak for Sunrise Leaving Bhanyang at 4.30 am for sunrise was initially not that difficult. I’d been awake for an hour waiting for our scheduled kick-off time. My guide was ready and my friends 14 year old son didn’t need too many threats of an ice water bucket to get him out… Continue reading more »

Trekking Panchase: Day one

Published in: Nepal | March 11th, 2019
Buffalos under mountains at Panchase

Panchase Peak: a short permit free trek in the Annapurnas A free trek in Nepal? Well, you still need to pay for accommodation and food but the Panchase Peak trek remains free of any permit fees or TIMS card costs. This is a rarity in Nepal and might not last much longer. But for now,… Continue reading more »

The best paperback guidebook to Nepal

Published in: Nepal | February 25th, 2019
Nepal Guidebook Print Edition 2019 cover

The best print edition guidebook to Nepal has arrived! The latest book in my Nepal guidebook collection has been published in print with the release of Nepal: the complete guidebook (print edition) 2019. The book is published by Himalayan Travel Guides and 100% printed in Nepal by Nepali people. The first 2017 edition completely sold… Continue reading more »

Nepal Trekking Clothing & Equipment

Published in: Nepal | February 12th, 2019
Folded Sleeping Bags in Nepal

What type of trekking clothes & equipment are available in Nepal in 2019? Alongside trekking agencies the next most abundant shop you’ll find are stores selling all types of trekking clothes and equipment in Nepal. It’s been a profitable business for many since the 1970s. Up until a few years ago some of the clothes… Continue reading more »

Best restaurants in Kathmandu (2019)

Published in: Nepal | January 21st, 2019
Chicken tagine with eggplant

The best restaurants to eat out in Kathmandu Over the past 4 years restaurants in Kathmandu’s culinary scene have improved dramatically. Previously I’ve not written much about them as they would come and close up every year. The chefs would often leave to the middle east or to another restaurant. And to be frank, the… Continue reading more »