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Please note: I only passed through Slovakia via train due to a last minute change. My original route was to take me into Ukraine, but due to a Eurolines bus no showing I had to jump on train to Hungary. So not much to tell here.

Some memorable places I have been

From the train window: Well, not much. It was a night train ;-)

Ways into Slovakia

The train from Poland to Hungary: The Slovakian immigration lady didn't say much.

Post pandemic Slovakia has opened its borders once again. Do please check with your nearest embassy should the situation change again.

The Food

I brought a take away from Poland?!

The People

I can't say I met many! Outside of Slovakia they seemed like a nice bunch and great to travel with.

The Language

The Slovakian Immigration lady spoke two words. I did not understand either one.

Do's & Do not's

Do not trust Eurolines in Poland if you are hoping to get into the Ukraine. Read my story about the Eurolines bus scandal here

Places I stayed

Where I stayed

The Train.

Try a search for the lowest priced hotels in Slovakia!

Prefer local accommodation? Try Airbnb (get up to USD $40 discount)

Potential for home?

Well, the train was comfortable.


What Exactly happened here?

As you gathered I had planned a trip into the Ukraine from Poland. I bought the Eurolines bus ticket in Krakow with a Polish friend. Showed up that night and waited by bus line number 4. The bus was due and never showed. The next day I went back to the office and to cut a long story short, was told it was there at bus line number 4. My polish friend lost his cool a little and we created a big fuss.

To cut a long story, instead of having to wait and 'trust' another bus to show up, I grabbed the next train to Hungary. The full story is on my travelogues.

Moral of the story: Travel plans can change in an instant. Be ready for it.

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Please keep in mind all the above is based on my own personal experience in Romania. It's not intended to be a guide. If the information here can help you on your own travels then that's a good thing!