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On this page you will find a vast amount of travel resources to help you on your travels. From advice on saving money, to long-term travel to stories about other people you'll find it here. There's no "sponsored" links and no sales pitches, just practical resources that I've used myself over many years.

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Book Local Transport in Advance

What happens if you are heading to China, India, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar or other countries where you'd like to book a train or bus ticket in advance. It's helpful for those "onward journey" rules too.
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Top Places to Travel & Photograph

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Where to book hotels when traveling?

Location, location, location - that's the first step. Find out where you are going to stay and for how long. Once you've that figured out then you'll need to book a room there. Here are the best hotel booking sites by region!
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Find the best flight deals
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Where to book flights when traveling?

Book with local airlines if you don't need a refund. If you think you might need a refund go with an international flight booking provider. Where do you find the names of local airlines? Easy, use an international flight search like the one here and you'll get the name of them. Then, look up the local airline and see if they are offering a cheaper flight. Simple.

Stay safe online with a Virtual Private Network(VPN)

Booking a hotel room or flight? Buying other things online or making transactions online?

If you are traveling and using WI-FI in a hotel, coffee shop, or even at the airport, then you'll want to make sure that the internet you are using is safe. Most places are not! So, to solve this, you'll need a VPN. This will also let you access censored websites overseas and even let you watch your internet subscription channels back home when you are away!

Visiting Iran or China - you'll need a VPN
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Travel Guides

The Longest Way Home Book

Want a travel guide from someone who's actually been there and done the research for you? Here they are.

Nepal Travel guides

I've spend years researching, traveling & writing guidebooks about Nepal. I've also created what has become the best online travel guide to Nepal.

Thailand travel guides

It's nowhere near complete but by using Thailand as a frequent travel hub I've built up quite a collection of guides for north and central Thailand on my Thailand travel guide.

Malaysia Travel Guides

Still in their infancy you will find some gems in both my West Malaysia and Sabah (Borneo travel guides)

Mini Travel Guides

In each country I have traveled you will find sections on highlights, places to stay, food, the people, language & FAQ's. Check them out for a quick helpful overview!

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