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Group in Nepal exchanging travel tips

Travel Tips

» What is the definition of home?
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Overland Travel in Nepal

Overland travel guides

» How to plan an overland travel journey » How to travel Turkey to Iran overland

Local overland travel guides

» How to travel to Camiguin Island Ferry Schedule (Philippines)
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Top Places to Travel & Photograph

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Save Money When Travelling

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Pakistani bus painter


Go back to the beginning of The Longest Way Home with these original story archives.

Read about the truck painters I met in Pakistan, the sea salt makers I watched in the Philippines, the Tibetan riots I found myself in and so much more. All found in these travel stories.

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Monks taking advice

Long term travel articles

» Long Term Travel
(huge resource featuring all the articles below)
» What are the best backpacking boots?  
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Laptop and neon mouse

Travel gadgets & technology

From mobiles phones to mobile apps, photo storage to blogging: all things tech and gadget related that can help you out when traveling
» Review of the best to-do/ task reminder apps for travel » Where is the cheapest & best place to buy electronics in South East Asia?
» Huge review of storage & photo hosting providers » List of photography podcasts and free ebooks
» Free language lesson podcasts » Where is the cheapest & best place to buy a laptop in South East Asia?
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Boy in Tibet

Living overseas

The following are some of my top rated travel and journal articles. Enjoy the good reads!
» What would it be like to live in Sabah? » The Nepalese caste system
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Worlds Best Travel Directory

» Travel Blog Directory
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Sadhu holyman from Nepal

Travel guides

Want a travel guide from someone who's actually been there and done the research for you? Here they are.

Nepal Travel guides

I've spend years researching and staying in Nepal. It's been a great pleasure creating what's become the best online travel guide to Nepal.


Thailand travel guides

It's nowhere near complete but by using Thailand as a frequent travel hub I've built up quite a collection of guides for north and central Thailand on my Thailand travel guide.

Malaysia Travel Guides

Still in their infancy you will find some gems in both my West Malaysia and Sabah (Borneo travel guides)

Sunset travel in Pakistan

Mini Travel Guides

In each country I have traveled you will find sections on highlights, places to stay, food, the people, language & FAQ's. Check them out for a quick helpful overview!

« Europe »

« Asia »

« South East Asia »

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Great Modern Travelers Award Badge

Great Modern Travelers

» Andre Brugiroux
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