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The Longest Way Home
One man, many dreams: a global travel quest

A fascinating, insightful, original & very real journey; that will take you beyond travel

Hi and welcome to The Longest Way Home,

From personal travel journal to a website that's developed into providing you with practical travel help from what I've learned on this journey since 2005-present. I reveal insights into both old & new world culture. Real travel guides on exploring our planet practically. Big photos with dashings of food articles. And of course a place to document my own unique journey.

The Longest Way Home was started by a determined man who packed up and sold everything to go traveling around the world in hope of finding a place called home.

Simple words for a complex task. One that many people around the world are also trying to achieve. For me travel is the best way to accomplish my hopes. Do read my article on "The Definition of Home".

Find out more through my original long-term travel blog, about page & travel photography as I travel around the world and bring you the raw realities of life on our planet.

Throughout these pages you will find travel resources & information that I have gathered from my years of experience. From discovering unique people & unseen stories that have never been covered before.

To overland travel experiences, articles on how to live overseas; and discovering today's new world culture from the road. Together they form a shared travel help center that I use everyday and one that you can also use.

One of my ongoing projects that I'm proud to have worked hard to bring you is creating the best online travel guides to Nepal.

Hopefully you will find something here inspiring, interesting or at least helpful in your own travels & life.

This is my travelogue on not just travel, but on my life in a global search for a place called home. I am taking my chances, grabbing the world by the you know what's, and going for it!

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My Overland Travel Map

My Overland Travel Map
current location: Malaysia / Thailand - more found on my travel blog

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Yazd, Iran
Mosque in Yazd Iran
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