Copyright Matters

It's not all that bad!

The Facts

The Facts
I have put a lot of time and work into both this site, the articles, photography, concepts and design throughout it. It is after all my life. As such all text, video, photography, concepts, and design within this site are protected under U.S. and international laws as copyrighted works and are the exclusive property of Excluding: thumbnail images in the great modern travelers section, any image ads or image ad related links; and or any image, text or video material used within the blog/journal section for purposes of reporting or journalistic viewpoints.

Anyone who displays, reproduces, copies, creates derivative works, or sells my textual, photographic, video, audiovisual programs, concepts or design for commercial or non-commercial purposes without my permission violates the copyright laws and is liable for copyright infringement

Liability for copyright or trademark infringement involves the potential for significant civil damages, including in particular cases, statutory damages, liability for up to three times actual damages, and attorneys legal fees.

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The Good News
That all sounds very scary! In reality I am a nice person and am open to sharing, selling and giving for free. There is a reason why people trust The Longest Way Home. However do know that all images, photographs, maps, video footage and text remain fully copyright protected. Contact me with the who and why's of what you would like to use before using them and there should be no issues.

The Bad News
Try as I might to be open in sharing there have been some people & organizations out there who have been stealing my work. Most recently some photographs that were used to sell a physical product. To be honest this makes me sad. A big company stealing something that I might have let them have for the price of a cup of coffee. If this is the way of the world and you are smiling at it, then shame on you please leave. But before you do. Do take note that I usually find these things out sooner rather than later and get a resolution in my favor.

The Better News
All photograph's on this site are available in full resolution and are generally in the 4+MP category. They have been scaled down for the site. And are hotlink protected. I am willing to license my photographs at industry standard rates and ask for exact usage before committing. Please state exact usage and opening rate before contacting me for licensing any photographs or video.

Likewise text and articles. If you would like to use any on this site, you should contact me with the who's and why's. I have written and continue to write for creditable publications. If there is something specific on the site that you wish to use, please contact me first. Likewise If you want something more written specifically for you then contact me for rates here.

If you wish to make use of one of my concepts, either in terms of written, photographic or design content you should first contact me. This applies equally to guides ,journal/blog post articles and the concepts therein. Failing to contact, and or give proper recognition to for being the originator of such works will result in action as upheld by international copyright laws.

I have been contacted before about using my materials, and it's all worked out very well on both sides.. I have also tracked a site down who copied some of my work without permission, that also worked out in my favor and not theirs ;-)

So, moral of the story. Contact me first!

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