Living in West Africa

Two years in the heart of Africa

Before embarking on this journey I wanted to give something to this world we live in. Fulani WomanIn my own mind I thought after this, when I did find a home, I would have to be a bit tougher in life. Call it a subconscious karma thing. Be good before being tough and find your own way.

Preparation for the tough times of living abroad

I also knew something else. I wanted to see if I could do it.

Live in the middle of nowhere, and survive. If you can do in West Africa, surely you can do it anywhere?

I had the worst of worst upbringings myself. But it was in the developed world. What was life life on the other side like? What better way to prepare oneself for the quest of lifetime?

No ordinary job abroad

This was not just any position. It was with a professional international organization that puts you to work within a local community. You live in the same conditions as the locals and have the same wage as ones local counterpart. Sustainable development at it's utmost.

For over two years I lived in a country who's reputation is for corruption, violence, kidnappings and great smiles.

In the future I will introduce you to my life there: how I met the real Nigerian's, the corrupt Nigerians, the untold racisim and the politicians that dictated it all. How diplomats, NGO's, oil companies and the private industry dominate. Where I worked, how I lived and how I nearly died more than once.

Lagos Nigeria

I met Ghanaians with racist pre colonial ideas, I met nomadic tribesmen on their own untold quests and I nearly met with death on more than one occasion.

I don't have time to transcribe two years of living in West Africa, but occasional I write about it on Chronicles of Africa.

I left West Africa and I went back to Portugal. There was only one thing left to do now, find a home! I started my overland journey on full throttle ... read more

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