Chapel of Bones - Portugal
Sentry Post at Auschwitz Concentration Camp - Poland
Cross on Castle - Romania
Melon Seeding - Turkey
Lagos Traffic - Nigeria
Boats at James Town - Ghana
Alone in the Mosque - Iran
Prayers - Lahore, Pakistan
Afghan Girl - Pakistan Refugee Camp
Morning Prayers on the Ganges - India
Street Child - Nepal
Chinese Army tank approaching Tibetans during the 2008 riots - Lhasa, Tibet BW
Chinese Police under corporate Mc Donalds umbrella - Travel Photo labled Mc Happy - Xi'an, China
Stilt house at Dawn in Brookes Point - The Philippines
Flash Flood Refuges - The Philippines
Ifugao Rice Terrace Worker, Sagada, The Philippines
Tarsier in a Ray of Light - The Philippines
Stilt House Girl - The Philippines
Local Boats (Bankas) on a beach - The Philippines
Throng La Pass on the Annapurna Circuit 5416 metres (17769 ft) - Nepal
Statue of Buddha in - Tibet
Tibetan Monks in Red & Yellow - Nepal
Collecting rice in the rice terraces of The Philippines - The Philippines
Fisherman - The Philippines
Morning rituals on the Ganges - India
Looking out a mud city window - Iran
Kaamulan Warrior - Philippines
Native Drummers - The Philippines
Golden Temple at Night - India
Loshar Celebration Dance - Nepal
Prayer Flags over the Annapurna Mountains - Nepal
Market Square Roof - Iran
Monk Head Shaving - Tibet
Iranian Money Changer - Iran
Wind Chimneys - Iran
Mud City Oasis - Iran
Reflective Sunset - The Philippines
Nepalese Women - Nepal
Alhambra at sunset - Spain
Sadhu Holyman - Nepal
Box of colored chickens - Pakistan
Market roof dome - Iran
Panoramic view of Mount Everest - Nepal
Green eyed Nepalese Girl
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