What's the best twitter app for android when traveling?

Twitter has become a mainstay social network. Using it on an android phone should be easy with a lot of options available. Unfortunately that's just not the case.

What I'm looking for in a twitter app:

Speed. Easy GUI to see my tweets and direct messages. Low bandwidth consumption. Ability to add people to lists. Search, and save searches. No small fiddly buttons to press. Easy configuration of notifications etc.

I've gone through them all trying to find the best ones that work when traveling to overcome things like bad WiFi or mobile networks from other countries. And how easy it is to use when on the move.

Here's my review of the best android twitter apps when traveling.

Twitter android apps for travel

TweetCaster: A very close first place for this fast twitter app: my current twitter app in use.

Very Fast
Can add people to lists easily
Good GUI with lots of fast options
@ and # tags easily added on screen
Smart filters for the dedicated
Image & video service

Can’t get bit.ly links to work
Updates are not always on time
Bit slow with notifications
Free version has a small ad at the bottom, not too bad but the X makes it distracting.

Download TweetCaster for Android here (free): There is also a pro version available which removes the ads.

Seesmic: I used Seesmic for most of 2011, but not anymore. A close second and only recently dethroned as no.1

Notifications are on time
Easy to see if it’s refreshing
Photo and video services, including youtube
Ability to log into bit.ly personal account
Facebook, Buzz integration
Tutorial and friendly GUI

Copies some webpage titles twice into tweet
Can’t add a user to a list
Not so good on low bandwidth
Some wasted space on top of app
Slows terribly unless you clear cache regularly

Download Seesmic for Android here:

Plume: Could be something good, if only ...

Nice pull down to refresh option
Ability to “Mute” user
Some nice pop up GUI's
Lots of photo hosting, no video

Annoying top ads
Default color scheme is hard to read, and changing it is finicky due to color sliders
Slow to load profiles
Cannot add user to a list
Even though you can “Kill Plume” the app keeps running in the background

Download Plume for Android here (free) There is also a premium version of Plume

Hootsuite: Great on a browser can it match up on mobile?

Nice Gui
Loads fast
Ability to see who is @ing other users
Columns sync with web application
Easy ability to add extra accounts

Constantly running in the background
Found it to be a battery drain
Cannot add user to lists
Frequent errors in loading lists
Rarely updated
Has anonymous usage data ticked by default

Download Hootsuite for Android here

Tweetdeck: Bought by twitter.com did they make it better? Probably not.

Nice Gui
Loads fast
Doesn't use much bandwidth

Can't exit the app without logging out
If you've forgotten your tweedeck password, you have to go on tweetdeck web to get it back
Cannot add user to lists
Rarely updated

Twitter basically made Tweetdeck a mobile site!

Twitter (official app): It's official so it should be good ...

Add to lists
A lot like twitter web
Fast GUI

No old RT button (there's another app that helps you out there)
Not updated often
Cannot add user to lists
Rarely updated

Download Twitter for Android here:

Twitter lists remain one of the best ways of keeping Twitter tame if using Twitters own app.