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Travel Stories is one of the older sections of this website. They were transcripted from my handwritten journal in 2005 or from emails I sent myself and indeed written on an old mobile phone - the kind with  physical keys before the days of smart phones. Travel stories became one of the most popular pages on this website as they were raw, honest and gave insights into places people wouldn't normally go.

This was highlighted by the "Seeing the Unseen" series where I sought out people and places that nobody much paid attention to normally.

Travel Stories moved forward

Technology moved things forward: the advent of better internet (sometimes), smartphones and the development of this website meant that stories became easier to write as part of my overall study of a country and country guides. Moreover, I was using the stories concept to write my own guidebooks. Part of their appeal was the fact that I actually sought out new interesting place, moreover I did the same old favorites.

Travel Stories remain important

 With this merge the Travel Stories themself became a window into the time. Something you don't find that often online. Blogging platforms, travel forums and old travel journal sites closed and were bought up. Old stories about places and people disappeared. Looking back on these stories, I'm glad I documented them!

 Some would ask why bother reading about stories from an old place? The answer is fantastically simply. Is the old place the same or has it changed for the better or worse?

How places have changed?

I'll highlight three of these examples. Pakistan has not changed much, in fact it degraded. One still cannot get to see the Khyber Pass I once traveled. Tibet has transformed completely and looks like China now. Mindanao in the Philippines was once free to travel around and explore but is now subject to terrorists.

Places change for the better and worse. Today many people don't realize that in the 1960s and 1970s places like Afghanistan and Pakistan were huge attractions for travelers who sought out freedom and adventure ... how times have changed.

My thoughts on the road

The second aspect of travel stories are my own personal notes and journals that are more for me than you - the exceptions being those who have followed my long-term solo migration. In these snippets from over 10 years ago I lament loneliness on the road, bad guidebooks and inspiring people I've met.

Today some of these personal stories would be condoned for their language, mindset or other such "Politically Incorrect" wording. Here they sit as records of the past when once could speak freely without a portion of the population with no prior experience in such circumstances condone it.

Such personal insights from long-forgotten journals of others were invaluable to me in learning about the long journey ahead. It's from the other pioneers out there that you can be prepared in knowing what awaits no matter how grim or unexpected.

I would take a plain text journal spoken freely about a situation than an 2019 "Instagram" selfie any day.

Insiders Edge on travel

 As I search for a place to live I often get a unique insight into countries and people that many other travelers do not get a chance to see nor experience.

Here you will find articles on the places and everyday people I have discovered and met during my travels.

An interesting insight into people from around the world and their everyday lives & homes as our paths cross.

The Longest Way Home: The Book

I write digital and print guidebooks. I have published non-fiction educational material in the past. During my journey I completed a novel about the story of a man discovering global freedom while chasing after love and fulfillment on an overland journey.

It's sitting on my hard drive. There have been literary offers. But much is changing in the literary world and my own. A few years ago someone tried to steal this idea away so much as to even use the name and similar story albeit far from factual. They or their publicity team even tried to put this website out of commission during a period in my life which was fraught with another fight for physical life. I beat both of them.

Older writing versus newer works

I'd also like to mention that this page represents my historical writing from the start in 2005 to the present. There's a huge difference. Older stories and articles are blatantly lacking as I wrote only for myself. I'm keeping them that way for now. I personally enjoy reading over them every now and then. To remember, to learn from the past and indeed notice the change.

This is after all a very real journey quite literally written from the road.

I hope those who have stumbled across this section of travel stories enjoy them. There are more now found and integrated with the blog section of this site. Meanwhile enjoy the travel stories to the right!