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Travel stories: your passport to a world of new discovery

Discover people & places you might not know about

I travel looking to find a place to live. As such I often get a unique insight into countries and people that many other travelers do not get a chance to see nor experience.

Here you will find articles on the places and everyday people I have discovered and met during my travels.

An interesting insight into people from around the world and their everyday lives & homes as our paths cross.

A few more notes about my stories of discovery here

A lot of what I write on the The Longest Way Home's Long-term overland travel blog/journal is done on the road, sitting up in guesthouse beds, and done at speed to avoid living online. I have dyslexia and thus my two sided brain waves collide faster than you can say super-collider!

Having said that I do not pretend to create shakespearean nor literary astute works. Through these travel stories I simply hope to introduce another side of life the tourism sectors often leave out. This is not the travel channel. What you'll read here is the raw reality of the world out there.

I like to write to create universal enjoyment; something everyone can touch base with, find interesting and enjoy. I also like to write about discovering new places and people that many others don't get to see or hear about.

The Longest Way Home: The Book

I have published non-fiction educational material in the past and now I have completed a novel about the story of a man discovering global freedom while chasing after love and fulfillment on an overland journey.

It's sitting on my hard drive. There have been literary offers. But much is changing in the literary world and my own. So in the meantime, enjoy what's on offer here until I figure out how to merge the two in a good way.

Older writing versus newer works

I'd also like to mention that this page represents my historical writing from the start in 2005 to the present. There's a huge difference. Older stories and articles are blatantly lacking as I wrote only for myself. I'm keeping it also keeping them that way for now due to time constraints and my own records.

This is after all a very real journey quite literally written from the road.

I hope you enjoy my work here and yes I like feedback! Feel free to contact me.


Seeing the Unseen

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Talika the twelve year old miner from Nepal
Templar Stone

Travel Journals & Notes

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Surviving the Riots in Tibet
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The Philippines
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 Chronicles of Africa: the parallels of food
Is Singapore the Utopian solution?
What would it be like to live in Malaysia?

Travel Articles
Travel in Search of Legends
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