Hotel Vaishali: review

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Hotel Vaishali
A long running high end hotel in Thamel
PROS - Location. Amenities. Parking. Pool. CONS - Slightly dated for some. WiFi does not reach all the rooms. USD $66-122
Hotel Review: Hotel Vaishali
Written by: David Ways
Date Published: 03/12/2015
8.7 / 10 Author Rating
Hotel Vaishali
Hotel Vaishali – located in a quieter area of Thamel

Let’s look inside

Hotel Vaishali is located in the northern part of Kathmandu’s busy (Thamel) area on a relatively quiet corner plot.
Offering over 90 rooms of varying category there’s no shortage of accommodation even during peak season.

Inside the hotel there’s a very small shopping arcade, cafe and a restaurant offering local and international cuisine with a recent Indian section opening up. Outside there’s a kidney-shaped swimming pool which has seen better days and a pleasant garden area.

A generator ensures that there are no power outages in this power-cut prone city.

Rooms & staff

Deluxe room in Hotel Vaishai The rooms are neat and clean if a little aged in terms of decor. Nevertheless the bedding is clean and well-kept. The bathrooms a just a little small considering the price you pay for a room. But again they are clean and it’s simply a matter of getting on in years.

Most of Vaishali’s rooms are centrally air-conditioned however there are a few recently renovated rooms offering individual air conditioning so be sure to ask if you have a preference when checking in.

Rooms come with a plasma TV with satellite access, a desk and most have a balcony view. Unfortunately WiFi is not free in all the rooms with only the ones near reception getting free access. However there’s free Wifi in reception and in the restaurant.

I found the staff professional and quite courteous. During festivals there’s often a free evening cultural show for guests to enjoy.


Vaishali offers a great peaceful central location in Kathmandu. All your needs will be tended to by the staff and your close by to all of Kathmandu ‘s attractions. Yes, the rooms are little classic but they are still well-kept and clean though perhaps the price is a little high compared to some newer hotels.

If you are looking for an established classic well run hotel in Kathmandu then Vaishali will certainly not disappoint.

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