What type of hotels can you expect to find in Kathmandu?

Main road in Thamel, Kathmandu with accommodation

Main road in Thamel, Kathmandu with accommodation

Kathmandu offers a wide range of accommodation in abundance. From high-end resorts all the way to hostel style dorm rooms. However, the best range of accommodation lies within the budget and mid-range options.

Lack of hot water and cleanliness is the biggest concern for most guests followed by noisy streets.

What to expect from a hotel in Kathmandu:

High-end: swimming pool, 24 hour generators, 24 hour hot water, cable television, ensuite, valet, room service, wi-fi, restaurant, tour desk, airport pickup.

Mid-range: back-up generator, 24 hour hot water, cable television, ensuite, wi-fi, restaurant, tour desk, airport pick up.

Budget: back-up battery/generator, solar power water, cable television, ensuite/shared, wifi, restaurant, tour desk, airport pickup

Basic: solar power water heater, dorm rooms or small privates, shared bathroom, wifi, tour desk, airport pickup.

As you can see nearly all hotels offer airports pickups, tours and wifi. The real difference is in what sort of water source the hotel has.

Due to Kathmandu's bad water supply it's often brought in by tanker and stored for long periods - under no circumstances should you drink this water in any hotel. Bottled drinking water is available everywhere. Nearly all hotels can help take you to a COVID-19 test center and ensure delivery of food should you need to quarantine.

Naturally enough, the best times to visit Nepal are during the more expensive peak seasons. Do check out my guides on the weather in Kathmandu and trekking in Nepal for more information about when to go.

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Did you know?

The time of year will effect the price of your room?

Hotels in Kathmandu rise in price during peak season by up to 100% in cost.

  • December-February - off peak (low room rates)
  • March-June - peak season - (high room rates)
  • July-August -off peak season - (low room rates)
  • September-November - peak season - (high room rates)

Best areas to stay in Kathmandu

Kathmandu city is quite large and spreads out into the surrounding valley. There are however certain districts that are well known tourist hubs within the city. They offer easy access to popular tourist sights, transport and shopping.

Thamel: the ever popular Thamel area of Kathmandu is a large tourist area where most of the visitor accommodation for the city is located. It can be noisy in the early morning or late at night due to roads and music. However, there are some absolute gems that avoid all this which I've listed below.

Paknajol: Just outside of Thamel this is an area with fewer guesthouses but that's not always a bad thing. Paknajol is away from the noise, traffic, hustle and bustle thus offering a great alternative to Thamel.

Freak Street: The original hippie hangout district in the south of Kathmandu city nearer to Kathmandu Durbar Square. It has modernized itself, has some of the cheapest options but lacks the larger choice of the other areas.

Lazimpat: Kathmandu's plush expat area has its fair share of upmarket hotels and apartments. However, there's also a scattering of budget accommodation off the side streets.

Do be aware of hotels saying they are in Kathmandu city when in actual fact they are far out in the Kathmandu Valley. Many high-end 5-star hotels fall into this category. Any hotels mentioned below that are far out from the city center will have this mentioned.

Budgeting your stay in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is filled with hotels & guest-houses. Even during a busy peak season you will find a room. You'll find the best bargains by simply walking into hotels along the streets as many are not listed online.

First timers to Kathmandu might find it less stressful to book the first night or two before finding a better option in person. In this case the hotels below should meet most peoples needs.

For the purposes of budget the following grades apply:

  • High-end: USD $100+ per night
  • Mid-range: USD $20-80 per night
  • Budget: under USD $5-20 per night

I have visited over 220 hotels in Kathmandu and have included some of my personal reviews below!

Hotel & guesthouse reviews in Kathmandu

Hotels are separated by region and budget.

High-end hotels in Kathmandu City

Some hotels here are just outside the main city. Price range: USD $100+ per night

Hotel Family Home Annex 1 Hyatt Regency Kathmandu - Probably the most luxurious and highest regarded hotel in Kathmandu. Located outside the immediate city but within walking distance of Boudhanath stupa it boasts everything that a 5-star hotel should have.

+ Pool

+ Service

Hotel Family Home Annex 1 Crowne Plaza Hotel Kathmandu Soaltee - A mere 10 minute drive from the center of Kathmandu city will bring you to this modern 5-star hotel. Located on over 11 acres of landscaped gardens and greens it's a luxurious break from the hustle of the city.

+ Pool

+ Dining

Royal Penguin Boutique Royal Penguin Boutique Hotel - Located in the heart of Thamel this is Kathmandu's first boutique hotel. Rooms are of a high standard, cleanliness prevails & the service is excellent ... read my full review ★★★★★

+Top Rated!!

+ Bar

+ Gym

Hotel Vaishali Hotel Vaishali - Located in Thamel this hotel often runs half price rooms online.. With a generator, restaurant and mini pool you might get a lot of luxury for not much cost ... read my full review ★★★★☆

+ Classic

+ Location

+ Price

Hotels/Guesthouses in Thamel area

Hotels here are in the heart of Kathmandu city with easy access to all attractions.

Mid-range: USD $20-80 per night

Kathmandu Guest House Kathmandu Guest House - One of the most popular and central guest houses in Kathmandu. A huge selection of rooms from USD$40-160...read my full review ★★★★☆

+ Location

+ Choice

Ambassador Garden Home Ambassador Garden Home - Recently renovated this hotel is very close to the center of Thamel. Boasting an excellent coffee house, free wifi and complimentary rickshaw to nearby attractions you'll also find discount rooms on offer here.

+ Location

+ Service

Hotel Vaishali International Guest House - Located between the border of Thamel & Paknajol this hotel offers probaly some of the nicest Newari decor in Kathmandu. Accommodating staff, quiet location and some great room offers make this a top mid-range choice ...read my full review ★★★★☆

+ Best Choice!

+ Location

+ Price

Hotel Family Home Annex 1 Hotel Family Home Annex 1- A family run hotel that's built to quite a high standard. The large rooms are decorated in a modern style and very clean. Free wifi and friendly staff make this a prime hassle free mid-range hotel.

+ Clean

+ Service

Hotel Family Home Annex 1 Hotel Zen Holiday - A very cosy new hotel that's in a quiet location away from traffic noise. The mid-sized tidy rooms roosms are modern, very clean & ensuite. There's free wifi, a basement style restaurant & very friendly staff read my full review ★★★★☆

+ Clean

+ Service

+ Quiet


Budget hotels in Thamel: USD $5-20 per night

Hotel Backpackers Hotel Backpackers - Offering neat ensuite rooms in south central Thamel. Friendly staff & free WiFi it's certainly worth checking out read my full review ★★★☆☆

+ Location

+ Service

Hotel Yala Peak Hotel Yala Peak - Probably one of the best budget hotels in Thamel. The manager Kumar is always on duty & very helpful. .

+ Best Budget!

+ Location

+ Service

Khangsar Guest House Khangsar Guest House - looks better on the inside than on the outside with very clean well kept rooms. Free Wifi and wonderful cafe in another building down the road..

+ Value

+ Location

Norling Guest House Hotel Norling - They just changed their name to "Pleasure Hotel". There's a mini dip pool on the roof, a quiet garden, generator, great staff and subtle Tibetan room decor. read my full review ★★★★☆

+ Best Budget!

+ Service

+ Roof Terrace

Blue Diamond Hotel Kathmandu Hotel Blue Diamond - An old school but still clean budget hotel offering good bargains on rooms. Stick with standard or deluxe rooms ... read my full review ★★★☆☆

+ Budget Hotel

+ Clean

Hotels/Guesthouses in the Paknajol area -

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Hotels here are just outside the heart of Kathmandu city with easy access to all attractions via a 5-10 minute walk to Thamel.

Friendship Hostel Friendship Hostel - Located at the bottom of the first hill on Paknajol road this guesthouse is an established basic safe haven. Some downstairs rooms are a little dark but there are a few really good balcony rooms. There's battery backup & wifi. Sng/dbl.

+ Service

Mountain Peace Guest House Mountain Peace Guest House - Turn right at the bottom of Paknajol road this is a low budget guesthouse with little personality. There's a battery backup system which sometimes works. Sng/dbl. + Basic
Tibet Peace Inn Tibet Peace Inn - Under new management this hotel offers new clean rooms at above average prices. It's worth booking the larger rooms on offer.

+ Location

+ Value

Kathmandu Garden House Kathmandu Garden House - A top choice budget guesthouse in Paknajol. It's got wifi, a rooftop terrace, battery backup and the best breakfast pancakes in Nepal. There are two very cheap singles on the roof. It's under new management in 2023. Sng/dbl/trp read my full review ★★★★☆

+ Location

+ Service

+ Food

Hotels/Guesthouses in the Freak Street area -

Hotels here are close to Kathmandu Durbar Square and about 15-20 minute walk to Thamel.

Budget: USD $5-25 per night

Annapurna Lodge Annapurna Lodge - A good safe option that's quite clean compared to some of it's neighbors. Prices remain low, there's wifi and plenty of places to eat outside.

+ Value

+ Food

Century Lodge Century Lodge - Take a step back in time to the older accommodation buildings. Things are sparse and basic but just about as cheap as it gets. - V. Basic

More accommodation in Kathmandu city

Looking for more bargains or options?

Try this dedicated Kathmandu city hotel search - remember to click through to see discounted room rates!

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