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International Guest House
A fine example of a modern Newari decorated hotel
PROS - Value for money. Very quiet location. Beautiful decor. Helpful staff. Garden. CONS - WiFi could be faster. Generator is needed more often USD $23-50+
Hotel Review: International Guest House
Written by: David Ways
Date Published: 03/12/2015
8.8 / 10 Author Rating
international Guest House
Old world charm makes International Guest House a worthy stay

Let’s look inside

International Guest House offers 44 spacious rooms in a fine example of a modern Newari decorated hotel for international guests that’s been running since 1980. Old world charm is high on the agenda as rich wood carvings are on display from window frames to doorways. Inside is a very quiet courtyard with an even quieter ornate garden.

Located just outside of Thamel means it’s away from the noise and heavy traffic. It’s literally a 2 min walk to downtown Thamel. There’s a generator on site for evening time power during Nepal’s blackouts. However I did find that during the off-season they are reluctant to use it and their battery lighting doesn’t last the whole night.

Tip:Take a torch with you at night as the road outside this guesthouse has no street lighting

Outside the garden is another huge plus as it’s well laid out and there’s barely a sound from outside. The hotel’s restaurant has a good and reasonable international and Nepali menu.


Rooms & staff

The rooms themselves are clean and well-kept with hardwood flooring. In superior rooms the Newari architecture shines through with lovely lattice wood walls and intricate carvings to make your stay that bit nicer. The beds are quite comfortable with clean bedding. plush for Nepal standards. Bathrooms are clean, tiled and quite spacious for Nepal.

I found the staff to be very attentive and knowledgeable about the requirements of their guests. They are also quite well updated about Newari history. Again, the only downside is the lack of a constant electricity.

Most other hotels offering this level of Newari decor are at least USD $30-50 more so in terms of value for money you’ll do well here


The only downsides to this hotel are a lack of lighting on the main road outside and the restaurant food needs a little work. However, if you are on a budget but looking for something that’s a cut above the rest in terms of old world charm, decor and a peaceful location then International Guest House is a prime choice.


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