Transparency, honest & trust

The Longest Way Home began as a personal travel journey over 17+ years ago. You can read more about the history and start of this journey on The Longest Way Home's About page. Today, it's the world's leading and most trusted travel guide publisher to countries like Nepal.

Trust has always been an important part of The Longest Way Home. A personal journal is just that - an insight into someone's daily life traveling the world. Started by David Ways, it became and still is the longest documented journey today.

As part of this documentation, it gave a very insightful, raw, and blunt look at one man's journey. This style of documentary journalism then transferred over to writing travel guides.

Integrity, honesty, and trust have always been paramount here

No sponsored posts, trips, stays, or financial payments - ever


Neither David nor The Longest Way Home has ever taken a sponsored trip, vacation, tour, trek, hotel room, or even a meal. There's a reason for that - trust.

Back in the early 2000s, online journals were just that - a journal about traveling and how you went about it. There were no affiliates nor hard sales. It was simply about journalizing one's journey.

When the travel industry started selling online tours and large hotel booking chains started up, many people went down the road of accepting "freebies" in return for publishing about a place.

David and The Longest Way Home went in the complete opposite direction that many others went down. Writing about a place in exchange for money or free service inevitably leads to bias. There's a hidden sale in many travel websites these days.

Real world experiences as they happen

The Longest Way Home continues to be about the real-world experiences you are likely to find when you travel. When you visit The Longest Way Home, you can trust that you are not being subversively sold a tour, trek, hotel stay, or service.

The only product directly for sale on The Longest Way Home are guidebooks to Nepal, which are written by David Ways with the same ethos.

In 2018, a major travel guide publisher switched from publishing guidebooks to running tours. In doing so, they lost the trust of many people who wanted an impartial travel guide. In 2020, another major travel publisher was bought by a marketing company.

The Longest Way Home stands for integrity and trust.

What you read here is 100% original content that was written by David Ways to help travelers.

Types of Work

The Longest Way Home creates online travel guides, digital guidebooks, print guidebooks, photography, and personal journals. Neither David Ways nor The Longest Way Home owns a travel company, hotel, or restaurant.

The content produced has been personally experienced and not sourced from 3rd parties.

Source Material

All travel guides have been personally experienced. No online or offline material was or has been used to create them. Likewise, no AI has been used to create content. Every word is 100% original and has been personally written. There are no guest posts nor shadow writers here.

No online or offline review sites have been used. Many of these sites have been doctored with paid reviews. The Longest Way Home personally reviews all services, hotels, and restaurants anonymously.

Citations & References

Whenever possible, citations and references are linked to as sources. Research material is a critical part of writing travel guides and deserves to be credited. The Longest Way Home will open links to source material in a separate browser tab and list such links clearly so readers know they are visiting another site.


In-depth travel guides are often quite complex and due to the real-world nature of travel are constantly changing. As such, all travel guides are written in a way that ensures the reader is aware of this.

Assumptions are not made. If there is uncertainty about a place or event, e.g., ongoing changes in Everest Permit prices, then it will be written as such or a link will be given explaining the uncertainty of a ticket price.

Dates are placed at the top of travel guide pages showing when the guide was published. Likewise, in the publication date of all guidebooks is also clearly shown. As such, a reader can easily know when it was updated.

Whenever a change occurs, The Longest Way Home endeavors to make that change clearly visible so you can trust when the information was updated.

While not every page needs to be updated, e.g., a historical page, The Longest Way Home strives to ensure accreditation, integrity, and trust remains transparent to all visitors and readers.

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