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Updated February 2024

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Discover Bardia: Your Ultimate Jungle Adventure Guidebook!

Embark on a wild journey through Bardia National Park, the most thrilling jungle in Asia, with the best guidebook meticulously crafted over 17+ years of exploration and travel in Nepal.

Explore Bardia like no one else with this fully comprehensive guidebook to the most exciting jungle in Asia.

📖 Why Choose My Bardia Guidebook?

🗺 Comprehensive Walkthroughs: Navigate Bardia effortlessly with step-by-step instructions and interactive color maps.
🐅 Beyond the Basics: Uncover the prime spots for encountering royal Bengal tigers, wild elephants, one-horned rhinoceros, crocodiles, and diverse wildlife and fauna. Get insights into national park fees and more
💰 Save Money, Save Time: Maximize your budget by prioritizing must-visit locations and skipping non-essentials. Learn about cost-effective travel options, including the new direct bus from Kathmandu and Pokhara.
📷 Descriptive photos & maps: You'll enjoy over 55 color photographs & 4 detailed maps showing you where you are & what you to see.
🏨 100% Honest reviews: Eat & sleep well in the jungle! Find out the best resorts for all budgets in Bardia. From top resorts to budget guesthouses in every location shown with all prices listed!


🌍 Why Bardia? Personal Insights from a Traveler Like You! I dreamt of Bardia for years, but the lack of reliable information held me back. Once I uncovered its treasures, I couldn't stay away. Let my guidebook be your key to unlocking the secrets of Bardia.

📚 About the author (David Ways):  This guidebook is the culmination of personal research and exploration, created by a traveler for travelers. Evolve your Nepal travel experience with the best companion for your Bardia adventure.

📱Available in downloadable PDF format for tablets, laptops, mobile viewing, and print. Carry Bardia in your pocket wherever your journey takes you!

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