Chitwan National Park Travel Guidebook

Discover wild tigers, rhinos, elephants, crocodiles & more
Updated August 2023
Included in the full Nepal Guidebook
Chitwan National Park travel guide
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Easy to follow contents to save you time in Chitwan. Find out where everything exactly is with the easy to use interactive map - just click an image on the map and it takes you there!
Flip back and forth without getting lost in the guidebook or in Chitwan!
21 color pages of personally researched & locally updated information for all budgets!


This is the best guidebook to Chitwan!

For over 12+ years I've traveled, lived in, explored jungles and written guidebooks about Nepal. Now visit the jungles of Chitwan National Park yourself to track wild rhino's, take elephant safaris and more.

Explore Chitwan like never before with this fully comprehensive easy to follow guidebook to Nepal's number one national park.

» Improved guides: You'll enjoy  easy step-by-step walkthroughs & interactive color maps. The first of their kind.
» No more frustration: Know exactly where to go to see wildlife in Chitwan.
» Save your money: Learn what's important and what can be skipped on your itinerary if you're in a rush. Wash elephants for free!
» Save time: Enjoy an easy to follow route through Sauraha village beside the national park.
» Book a tour or go independently? Find out which is cheaper and more efficient! Tip: it's easy!
» Eat! There's a town next to the park so find out the best places to eat no matter your budget.
» Sleep & save!: Read personally visited and reviewed accommodation from top hotels to budget guesthouses with the best room rates already sourced for you!

Never before has there been a guidebook to Chitwan that will save you so much time and money without all the usual guidebook frustrations. Why?

This guidebook has been written and researched by a traveler for travelers just like you!

I've been there & done that in Nepal several times over using many other guidebooks over the years. I know all the frustrations & let downs they can bring.

I personally researched & wrote this guidebook to both evolve travel guides to Nepal and bring you the best guidebook to Chitwan. This book saves you money & time with none of the old guidebook frustrations you may know.

If you are visiting Chitwan then this book is a must.

Don't miss out on your once in lifetime trip! Make the most of it with this great guide to Chitwan!

Available in downloadable PDF for all tablets, laptops, mobile viewing and print!

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