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Kathmandu Valley Heritage Walks
(print edition)

The perfect paperback book for anyone who wants to discover the undiscovered!

(digital version available here)

Published March 2019


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The best paperbook guidebook on heritage walks in Kathmandu and Nepal
Book details:

Dimensions: 7"x5
Weight: 315grms

Pages 374.

Special offer:

Get the Nepal Guidebook print edition plus the Kathmandu Valley Heritage Walks print edition together

This is the best paperback book to discovering heritage in Kathmandu

The most complete book to exploring the incredible heritage sites located throughout the Kathmandu Valley. This is the first and only dedicated book that will take you along original walks in the Kathmandu valley to rediscover in-depth word heritage site and discover the undiscovered new places few have every seen before.

Explore Kathmandu Valley's heritage like never before with this fully comprehensive easy to follow print guide book.

» A dedicated paper edition guidebook on heritage: Follow over 28 original easy step-by-step heritage walks (plus 20 extension walks) with 58 detailed maps & walking directions like no other heritage book before.
» Discover what others can never find: discover the undiscovered heritage in Kathmandu Valley with original highly researched insider knowledge into buildings, temples, monasteries & places no local guides or any other guidebooks have gone before.
» More than just the big world heritage sites: includes 10 new & original Kathmandu city heritage walks, plus in-depth original heritage walks for Boudha, Swayambhunath, Pashupatinath, Kirtipur, Thimi, Patan, Bhaktapur, Panauti & Dhulikhel. That's a total of 28 original new walks plus 20 more extension walks making a total of 48 walks to choose from!
» All heritage walks are linked together! One of the greatest achievements with this book is that all the heritage walks in this book are linked together. Walks are easy to navigate & join together with never before written & maps that join them all together. So no more stopping & starting or getting lost!
» Finally you can rediscover the discovered! If you are tired of reading the same only text about the the big popular world heritage site attractions in Kathmandu prepare to discover what nobody else has written about. Discover hidden courtyards, statues, shrines and temples not listed anywhere else.
» Detailed maps: All heritage sites have original detailed maps, Individual buildings, temples & even shrines have been GPS tagged & researched with notes on heritage walk distance, difficulty level & duration. This print edition also includes additional maps by Himalayan Map House.
» The Hidden History of Kathmandu: Discover the location of the lost palace of Kailasakuta. Find a couple's secret in the Bhatbhateni temple & located their hidden gems. Walk into history long before Kathmandu existed in Hadigaun. Every chapter has so much hidden history you'll discover events in time long forgotten before this book.
» Easy walks on your terms: From short 30 minute walks to 1+ hour individual walks or a full day of discovery. The choice is yours. Every heritage walk is completely unique There's no going back over the same road twice. You can even create your own walks using the heritage links in the book!
» Explanatory photos & maps: there's over 1000+ photographs, 58 detailed maps & 20 precise diagrams that will show you exactly where you are & what you are looking at.


As you can see, there's never been a guide book about Heritage walks in the Kathmandu Valley like this before. I've been writing about Nepal for over a decade and heritage is my passion. While my Nepal Guidebook contains heritage walks I wanted to expand them into something greater and purposefully for people who enjoy heritage too..

This paperback edition was created for heritage enthusiasts & for those who want to discover more!

With the success of my other guidebooks to Nepal it's been a long-term project of mine to create a book of this magnitude. While the digital version of this book has it's own great merits many people have requested a paperback edition.

Taking this into account I worked hard with the publisher Himalayan Travel Guides to create the best print edition possible. Using 100% recycled high tensile paper the books 374 pages are lightweight and strong enough to stand the test of travel.

As such, the book was designed specifically for travelers in Nepal:

  • This book is the only heritage book to Nepal printed on recycled paper
  • This is the only guidebook in the world with duel maps. We have my gps-located maps throughout plus we've included Himalayan Map House's award winning city and regional maps!
  • Traditional note taking section at the rear of the book
  • 100% printed and published in Nepal by Nepali people
  • Free shipping worldwide

This book has taken several years to write due to the incredibly amount of detail in it. I personally researched, created, mapped & wrote this book to both document the living heritage of the Kathmandu Valley as it stands and to bring you the best guidebook for heritage walks in the Kathmandu Valley. Quite honestly there is no other book like this anywhere.

Throughout the walks every temple, monastery & shrine is detailed with photographs & descriptions of the walking route. Original maps & diagrams - clearly show you the routes & location of every building on the walk.

If you only have a mild interest in heritage then rest assured there's quick walks that will show you how to explore, see and discover heritage in Kathmandu better than any other book as you make your way around. Find places to see in Thamel, before discovering new sites in the old city as you take quieter routes to the world heritage site of Durbar Square - once there you will rediscovered place in the old square long forgotten by others. For heritage enthusiasts there's an incredible array of walks to not written anywhere else in to locations in Hadigaun, Jaisidewal and even the sides streets of Maru Tol. Further afield you'll reveal in the details of Golmadhi Tol in Bhaktapur and delight in discovering the ancient site of Chyasal in Patan where Kathmandu began!

For anyone who already thought they knew Kathmandu - be prepared to rediscover those old favorites world heritage sites and discover the undiscovered of Kathmandu's unique hidden history.

Now available in print this is your chance to make your visit to Kathmandu truly unique! Prepare to dissever the most original & detailed Heritage Walks in The Kathmandu Valley!

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