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Birthplace of Buddha The most up-to-date guidebook to Lumbini in the world today
Updated August 2023
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This is the best guidebook to Lumbini

For over 12+ years I've traveled, lived in, documented Lumbini and written guidebooks about Nepal. Now visit Lumbini yourself and make the most out of your time there!

Explore Lumbini like no one else with this fully comprehensive guidebook to the birthplace of the Buddha.

» A better guidebook: Step-by-step walkthroughs & interactive color maps.
» More than just the basics: includes the most detailed information on every Theravada & Mahayana monastery in Lumbini development zone plus pagodas & stupas. Discover Maya Devi Temple where Buddha was born & the surrounding gardens. Meditational center, Lumbini crane sanctuary & Lumbini village walks.
» Save your money: You'll learn about the rickshaw small & large tour - what's important in Lumbini and what can be skipped if you're in a rush. Understand Nepal with genuine insider knowledge.
» Save time: Learn about the direct bus to Kathmandu from Lumbini & how best to fit Lumbini into your itinerary.
» Descriptive photos & maps: Over 40 color photographs & 4 detailed maps of the area used to show you where you are & what you can see.
» Get ahead: Find out how to easily travel around Nepal without overpaying while avoiding the crowds with personally tried & tested insider knowledge.
» 100% Honest reviews: Eat & sleep well in Lumbini! It's no secret that Lumbini lacks good restaurants. But I've found some of the better ones. I've also reviewed top resorts to budget guesthouses in every location shown with all prices listed!

I really like Lumbini but I also know how frustrating it can be getting there and not knowing how long to stay or where to go next or even where to stay. This is where my guidebook will help you.

When other guidebooks stopped trying, this guidebook kept exploring ...

I personally researched & wrote this guidebook to both evolve travel guides to Nepal and bring you the best guidebook to Lumbini.

This guidebook has been written and researched by a traveler for travelers just like you!

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