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Watching Bikini Girls & Guys from the Philippines

Two bikini models in jeans from the PhilippinesWhen an opportunity to attend a Bikini contest in the Philippines was offered to me I jumped at the chance. What guy wouldn't? I've traveled most of the Philippines and certainly conclude that Filipina's are amongst the most beautiful ladies in the world. Only problem I found was that they often shy away from the beach due to the adverse effects of the sun. So that's not where you'll find bikini clad beauties. The place to see them was at the 1st annual Bikini open in Languindingan city in Mindanao.

Never heard of Languindingan? If you are going to the Philippines you soon will. By 2012 Mindanao's first international airport will be right at cities heart. Meaning rather than fly into the overly congested capital of Manila, you can catch a direct flight to the culturally amazing island to the south, Mindanao.

Celebrating it's 46th anniversary with week long celebrations things kicked off with a Ms. Teen competition. Girls Ms teen contestants from Languingdan aged between 14 & 16 paraded the glitzy stage with pride beaming from their young faces. The judging criteria was based on a multi-pointed scoring card consisting of evening dresses, pose, intellect and swim suits.

Bikini fashion models from the PhilippinesThe winners were awarded individual prizes such as Ms. Olive skin, Ms. Moresco-1, and Ms. Placenta. All sponsors for the show. The at the end of the night with judges scores tallied up a new Ms. Languindingan was crowned.

The rest of the week was filled with motocross action, and rodeo competitions. Both are hugely popular activities in Mindanao for the the adventurous local. And proving there is more to Mindanao than just bad news reviews.

Then on Saturday came my personal highlight. The 1st Annual Bikini open contest. Open to both men and women from age 18 up it was a late night contest that turned the previous stage into an glamorous catwalk. Spotlights, dry ice, confetti, music and two glamorous hosts had the crowd buzzing.

Here the judging was done my a series of local and national celebrities, and the scoring was as good as it gets. Rate the contestants from 1-10. With the Governor and other senior officials arrival the show kicked off. The stage at the Ms Languingdan competition

Ten girls and ten guys graced the stage in tasteful yet scantily clad costumes. Blue ribbon stitched the white see through material together as we got a taste of things to come. Posing as if on the front of a fashion magazine this was a very well choreographed show with the contestants putting on an equally good show.

Dressed in jeans the girls and guys paraded out strutting their street wear look. Glistening bodies in figure hugging denim once again had the crowd cheering. If there's one thing a Filipina wears better than anyone else, it's a pair of jeans.

Bikini filipina model and sultry looking filipino modelA routine dance show brought a brief interval as the contestants changed into what everyone was now waiting for. The Bikini's. And they did not disappoint. Under the spotlight the stunning girls smiled and walked the catwalk in designer bikini's. Followed later by the sultry looking guys. And then in tandem for some provocative duet poses.Mr. and Miss Languingdan Bikini winners

The judging complete, the scores tallied, and the contestants lined up on stage we awaited the winners. A lady next to me had already picked her long haired Adonis as the winner as she stamped her feet in excitement. Then, looking around regained her composure.

"It's my first time at something like this," she whispered.

The award then went to a celebrity look-alike contestant that was crowned Mr. Languindan. The lady next to me was still equally excited it seemed.

Winning a host of sponsor awards contestant number 8 was the female break out star of the night as she also claimed the title of Ms.Bikini.

As the winners and runners up all posed for photographs the crowd dispersed in a rush. It was gone midnight and outside it had been raining. But inside there was no concern for the weather nor time. Inside it had been a hot night of catwalk bikini action that certainly left an indelible memory on both me and the people of Languindingan.

Bikini models posing in the Philippines Super hot Filipina Model Two Filipino models in jeans




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