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Hyatt Regency

by David Ways. Updated on May 11th, 2015.
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Review Summary:

Hyatt Regency
One of Kathmandu’s few 5 star hotels
PROS - High standards. Museum on site. Quiet area. Gardens. Pool. CONS - No free Wifi in room. USD $188
Hotel Review: Hyatt Regency
Written by: David Ways
Date Published: 03/12/2015
9.1 / 10 Author Rating

Let’s look inside

Hyatt Regency in BoudhanathThe Hyatt Regency is one of Kathmandu’s few 5 star hotels and Boudhanaths only one. Located about 20 minutes walk from the main gates of  Boudhanath stupa it’s got good access. For central Kathmandu you’ll need a taxi and depending on the time of day about 30 minutes.

What the Hyatt Regency does better than most everywhere else is offer you everything you could possibly want in your hotel without having to go anywhere else. It’s a luxury stay in an estate that provides for all the guests staying there.

From a lovely pool to high end restaurants you’ll relax well with lovely catered gardens and a museum within the grounds. The building itself blends into the Nepalese style of architecture and surroundings beautifully. If you want a stay with all the extras then the Hyatt is a good choice..

Rooms & staff

A room inside Hyatt RegencyThe rooms at the Hyatt Regency are of a high standard. Linens are clean, fresh and comfortable. There are two types of views worth noting. One looks out over the gardens the other over the Stupa. Noise is not an issue here. Though pigeons at dusk do flock around the upper levels.

WiFi is an extra and expensive charge here. Though take my tip and seek out the Rox Bar which offers free Wifi.

The staff here are very professional, courteous and helpful as one might expect.


If you are planning a business trip to Kathmandu or simply want a luxury hotel that airs on the side of being a palace then the Hyatt is a good choice. With a shopping center, good food, nice staff and reasonable access to all the sights in both Boudhanath and Kathmandu the Hyatt makes a prime choice.

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Room prices I was quoted

There’s no off-season or peak season change in prices. Room quality is superior throughout with A/C hot/cold. Prices are in USD.

  • Standard $188: Garden views, desk/chair, ensuite
  • Stupa views $220: Stupa views, desk/chair, ensuite
  • Club $240: Free breakfast, suite room, stupa/garden views

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