Seeing the Unseen: Exposing Mindanao & some upcoming features

Published in: Philippines, Website updates | February 11th, 2010
Indigenous tribesman from Kaamulan

Time to meet some people most travelers don’t see. I’ve spent a long time in the Philippines searching for home. Some of it was to prove to myself and to others that island life is not for me. From time in tropical Palawan to now in the southern most island of Mindanao. An area stricken… Continue reading more »

Traveling and living in Mindanao, The Philippines

Published in: Discover World Culture, How to live overseas, Philippines | February 6th, 2010
Children fishing in Davao

To most people looking at the Philippines, from overseas, there are pristine beaches, lush rice terraces and all manner of diving opportunities. But, there is also one giant black spot; Mindanao. Just about every country has it black listed as a no go area. It’s not my place as a traveller to get into internal… Continue reading more »

Google vs Lonely Planet

Published in: How to guides ..., How to live overseas | February 1st, 2010
Rough Guide Books might make a comeback

Which is better for travel: Google or Lonely Planet? When I was about to embark on this journey, to travel the world in search of home, I knew that I needed some form of “Ultimate” guide. Let’s not forget this was over 5 years ago. Google Maps was only in development then, Lonely Planet was… Continue reading more »

Meet the Endangered Tarsiers of Bohol, The Philippines

Published in: Discover World Culture, Philippines | January 25th, 2010
Sunlight shining on a Tarsier in Bohol (click to enlarge)

Photographs of  the endangered Tarsiers in Bohol, The Philippines There are some animals in the world I really like. I knew the Tarsier was one of them even before I got to see one in person. What is a tarsier? According to Wikipedia they are haplorrhine primates, according to my guide-book they are not primates. I believe… Continue reading more »

Ever heard of a meat called CDO?

Published in: Philippines | January 22nd, 2010
A can of CDO meat from the Philippines

CDO meat from the Philippines … Maybe … for some! It was in Palawan at a local eatery that I asked a lady what type of meat was in one particular pot. “CDO sir,” she replied. “Fresh!” I looked at her with a confused frown. I’ll spare the translations. It took a good 3 minutes… Continue reading more »

A very wet Chocolate Hill in Bohol

Published in: Philippines | January 18th, 2010
The green Chocolate Hills in Bohol on a rainy day

It’s a little strange to be back traveling, as opposed to being on an island and taking weekends or a few days to travel out. There’s a very definite difference to both. And to me, the former shouldn’t actually be called traveling. It’s a go between. Maybe I need to invent a new word. The rain woke… Continue reading more »

Getting to Bohol via Manila and Cagayan de Oro

Published in: Philippines | January 12th, 2010
Boat boys swim around the ferry to catch coins

A few months back I wrote about how to choose an island to live on. Now, I get to visit one of the islands that was on my list, but I choose not to live on. Was I right in choosing Palawan? Or would Bohol have been a better option? I’m sure there are easier… Continue reading more »