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Zoroastrian Tower of Silence

Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019
Zoroastrian tower of silence

A Tower of Silence for Dead The Zoroastrian Dhakma or “Tower of Silence” was first noted back in the 9th century but the practice they were used for dates to the 5th century. It was used for excarnation (removal of flesh from a dead body) by vultures. The reason for excarnation to remove dead bodies… Continue reading more »

Alexander the Great’s Persepolis city view in Iran – photograph

Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018
Persepolis city view

Persepolis city view in Iran Persepolis was an ceremonial city during the Achaemenid Empire 550–330 BEC. It’s about 60km from the Iranian city of Shiraz. Contary to popular belive Alexander the Great did not Found Persepolis, this was most likely Cyrus the Great or Darius I.  It was around 330 BEC that Alexander the Great invaded Persepolis… Continue reading more »

Lone woman in an abandoned Iranian mosque praying

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014
Woman Alone in the Mosque - Iran

Why pray in an abandoned mosque? Keep in mind this was 2007 when the USA was saber rattling against Iran and calling it the “axis of evil”. Strong words for a country filled with some of the nicest people you will meet on your travels. This mosque in Eastern Iran was huge. Not one of… Continue reading more »

Beautiful market roof in Iran

Monday, December 22nd, 2014
Interior Market Dome in Iran

Interior of an elaborate domed market roof in Iran Iran has some of the most stunning architecture I’ve come across in my travels. From ancient historic buildings to historic buildings still in use today. Facts about architecture in Iran: Iranian / Persian architecture dates back to 5000 BC Instances of Iranian architecture can be found from Turkey to China and all the way to Zanzibar… Continue reading more »

The Iranian Ghost City of Kharanaq

Tuesday, December 16th, 2014
Mud City Oasis - Iran

An abandoned mud city in Iran There’s something intriguing about ghost cities, abandoned cities or simply deserted buildings. At least for me. Long before popular tours took over I visited Kharanaq in eastern iran in a beat up old car. Nothing like a bit of urban exploration in a mud city. The story behind this… Continue reading more »

The border crossing from Iran to Pakistan

Saturday, November 24th, 2007
Mosque in Yazd - Many Mosques in Iran are incredibly bright in color from the outside (click to enlarge)

Travel Journal Overview: Please remember these are my journal entries. I have a separate dedicated page on how to cross from Iran to Pakistan overland that is more useful than this journal entry for practical advise. Destination Zahedan I had taken the 5pm Bus, scheduled to arrive at 7am at Zahedan. I chose to go direct from Yazd as… Continue reading more »

Into the Iranian Desert in Yazd, wrapping things up, and preparing for Pakistan

Friday, November 23rd, 2007
Kharanaq  a Mud Citidel in Yazd

Travel Journal Overview: A desert loop trip outside of Yazd with mud citadels, mosques and wild dogs. More towers of silence climbing and saying goodbye to Christine. It was nearly time for me to leave … With a full group of four, Christine, Mark, Dmitri and myself decided to head off on LP’s recommended Desert… Continue reading more »