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Nepal Guide Book Cover

Nepal Guide Book Cover 2024

The most up to date travel guidebook to Nepal in the world for February 2024!

The latest editions in my Nepal guidebook collection have just been published and fully updated for February 2024, including the new edition of the best guidebook to Nepal in 2024 (February). Now, there’s both a complete collection of all my individual guidebooks to Nepal but also the most updated and innovative guidebook to the entire country of Nepal that you can get anywhere in the world.

Much like the rest of the world, we are trying to move on from the pandemic but now deal with a cost of living crisis. There are no COVID restrictions to enter Nepal now.  Cheap hydro electricity in Nepal has also helped keep costs down in the country.  I’ve included a dedicated section with entry requirements, plus prices for everything from hotels, transport and eating out.

I continue to say that this is the only guidebook in the world that has been kept updated throughout the pandemic. And, now,  this is the only guidebook providing complete hotel,  restaurant, transport, and entry  listings, reviews, and prices. While other guidebooks go “brochure” like I  provide you with the practical information what you need to know. Quality over quantity. My guidebooks prove this. This year in Nepal will be unlike any other with tourists buckling down and hoping to get the most out of their hard earned money.  March, April, May, September, October, November through to December remain the main peak seasons for tourists. This is the best guidebook to Nepal that will help you plan ahead!

This is the ultimate guidebook to Nepal for the very latest updates including the new mandatory trekking guide rule. New trekking permits needed.  Plus the latest hotels and restaurants reviewed. Entry fees for every sight in Nepal listed – now, the only guidebook in the world to have all this.

page 1 Nepal Guidebook

There is no other place like Nepal in the world. I’ve always believed Nepal deserved a better, more modern, up to date guidebook for travelers so they can really appreciate the country. This guidebook is written with real travelers and tourists in mind first. The unreliability of the power grid, spotty internet service, and inadequate roadways in Nepal can all add unnecessary stress. Not only does this book cover all of that, but it also demonstrates how to take advantage of such things.

This book has an advantage over other guidebooks to Nepal which are outdated and have the same generic layout to other countries. I’ve read the latest books. I’m shocked that the biggest names have cut back on important details in favor of lackluster booklet layouts.  None of them have the latest mandatory trekking guide information. None tell you what historic buildings are under construction. And, more shockingly, hotel, restaurant, transport, and entry prices have been removed. I’m pleased to say all my books contain this information. This guidebook not only covers all prices from hotels to ticket prices, transport prices but also what buildings are under construction and what can be visited. I’ve personally visited every hotel/restaurant reviewed, along with every trek, and attraction in this book.

This book contains absolutely no advertising or sponsored trips – everything was paid for by me just like you would

Get a copy of the latest Nepal guidebook today

This guidebook is fully up to date for February 2024, printable and best of all it works beautifully on your tablet, laptop/desktop or mobile device without WiFi or the internet.

This is the type of guidebook I’ve wanted for my own travels in Nepal for years. This book shows you Nepal like you really will experience it – I don’t mince words, I tell it like it is so you can make the most out of your trip.

Today, you can finally do the same with my guidebook to Nepal.

Direct updates from Nepal

The pandemic continues to affect tourism in Nepal.  While tourists are returning, many trekking guides are still working abroad. Previously, only the 2015 earthquake came close to shutting down the tourism industry. I was there then too and I kept this book updated throughout that year. That’s one of the key differences with this book compared to other guidebooks who took nearly 2 years to update earthquake information. As an independent writer and publisher I am not hampered by corporate mandates or profit margins. Indeed three years ago we saw the sale of Lonely Planet to an investor marketing group who plan to automate their updates with computer learning – their latest Nepal guidebook is now woefully outdated with no hotels listings, no entry prices, and convoluted layouts. Not only that but during the pandemic while I kept updates coming for travelers headed to Nepal they shut their offices and laid off staff. That’s the reality of it.

Women in red Saris in Teej in Nepal
Vaccinations have already started in Nepal

In January 2022 Nepal opened its doors to the world post pandemic and in 2023 all restrictions were lifted. Today you can now get a visa on arrival with no quarantine. Full details on how to get a visa on arrival can be found here and in this book. However, Nepal has increased domestic airfares, are rebuilding the Kathmandu to Pokhara road which has added time to the journey. And, controversially banned solo trekking. This book covers all this and more in detail.

Mandatory trekking guides are now a legal requirement in Nepal, but not in all locations, and checkpoints remain conspicuous. Discover where you actually need a trekking guide (legally) today. Plus, where to find them (they have to be registered). Find out how much you can be fined without a guide. And, most importantly, find out how to hire a reputable guide without any fuss or confusion.

I implore anyone planning to visit Nepal to exercise due diligence and support independent trekking agents, restaurants, hotels, shops, and indeed – guidebooks this year!

Changes in Thamel during 2021

Now more than ever, it’s important that if you want your cash to go directly to real people and not corporations or large chain booking firms, you’ll need to do your research properly and make sure that you are supporting real local people and businesses. Adding to this dilemma are the strategically advertised home-stays that actually belong to hotel chains or investors, souvenirs that are made overseas, and hotels owned by non-Nepali. My guidebook has always and continues to support real local businesses that provide quality services and treat every customer with genuine care. No matter if you are on a rock-bottom budget or high-end treat, my guidebooks will serve you well.

In this years February 2024 edition of my guidebook to Nepal I’ve kept everything as up to date as I can. My maps will help you across the county, up into mountains, across jungles, and through rare cultural heritage and it includes all entrance fees to sights.

Why should you visit Nepal?

For a small landlocked country, Nepal can be an epic destination with some of the best mountain treks in the world to both see from afar and trek through. Diverse and unique heritage sites lie across its ancient middle lands. While to the south are some of the greatest jungles and thriving wildlife reserves found anywhere in the world. I’ve included them all for you in this guidebook.

Nepal guidebook sample page
Never miss out on a temple in Nepal again!

The Kathmandu Valley & beyond: From the Kathmandu Valley’s grand royal cities and palaces with fascinating heritage-lined backstreets to the very first mystical building (stupa) ever created that still overlooks the whole lush valley, which was once a lake of the Nepali gods. The former royal kingdoms in the valley still look as they once did hundreds of years ago. In February 2024, I’ve updated the book with the very latest reconstruction news in each area for every temple, including photos – so you know what to expect! There is nowhere else on earth like Bhaktapur, Boudhanath, and Patan, and I’ve included them all for you in this guidebook, plus equally extensive coverage of Thimi, Chabahil, Kirtipur, Bungamati, Budhanilkantha, Gokarna, Changu Narayan, Nagarkot, Panauti, Dhulikeil, and everything in between. I’ve included all these extensive details with photographs of every temple. There’s also – Do It Yourself walking heritage tours and GPS tracked maps so you’ll never get lost!

Plus, exclusive detailed courtyard diagrams and every entrance ticket priced!

All this in just one chapter alone including sub-regions within Kathmandu city like Thamel, Paknajol, and Lazimpat plus high-end, mid-range, and budget hotel reviews, restaurant reviews, and transportation maps/fees for all areas.

Trekking in Nepal: The pristine majestic mountains of Nepal are perhaps its greatest tourist attraction. My best selling book First time Trekking in Nepal is included as a chapter within this guidebook with additional trekking advice for all the locations in the book. I’ve written exclusive up-to-date guides for Everest Base Camp, the Annapurna Circuit (long and short circuits), Annapurna Base Camp, Mardi Himal, Poon Hill, the new Panchase trek, plus a host of side treks (including new permit fees not covered in any other book). Not ready for a big trek? Try the Shivapuri day hike in Kathmandu! These are all included alongside day-by-day trekking guides and cross-referenced GPS tracked maps you can zoom into. There are fantastically detailed chapters for first-time trekkers on preparation from where and what equipment to buy, where to find a guide, how to choose a guide, where are guides now mandatory, where and how to get permits, reviews of trekking agents, weather reports, and so much more. I’ve trekked every trek written about in this book more than once, and I’ve made it a point to bring you the very best trekking experience with this book.

If you find online information about treks confusing, then rest assured this book deciphers all this confusion and makes planning a trek easy and understandable for all budgets

Map of Nepal's Attractions
What many people overlook when visiting Nepal is that despite its small size there’s a lot to do there – now with all the maps in this guidebook you can zoom right in!

Pokhara: Known as Nepal’s premier resort location to the west, Pokhara offers visitors beautiful Lake Phewa to gaze out at as the Annapurna Mountains reflect down on it. There’s a new international & domestic airport in Pokhara that opened in 2023 (still no international flights!). Just a single road leads along Lakeside with a hip vibe of restaurants, cafes, and dozens of travel agents that now stretches along the north and to the south past the quiet Damside area. There are more outdoor activities in Pokhara than anywhere else in Nepal. Go trekking, hiking, walking, paragliding, horse riding, mountain biking, motorcycling, boating, hot-air ballooning, water balling, or simply go shopping in the Tibetan artisan camps. I’ve included all these activities plus more along with updated hotel, restaurant, and travel/trekking agent reviews. I’ve also included details on the truly pristine Begnas and Rupa lakes along with many more day activities to help make the most out of your trip. Quite simply, everything to do in Pokhara is included in this book!

Chitwan National Park: Nepal’s most popular national wildlife park is famous for its royal Bengal tigers, which are increasing in numbers every year, world-famous elephant and wildlife conservation, one-horned rhinos, plus hundreds of other wild animals. I write about how you can make the most out of visiting the park plus why and how to avoid expensive tours, getting the best transport options plus hotel and jungle tour reviews. This guidebook will both help you plan your trip to Chitwan but also includes how you can save a lot of time and money. Did you know about the Mugling road delays? They are still happening in 2024, and you should be prepared. Find out how to avoid these road delays with a better itinerary that is only available in this book!

Mardi Himal trek map-zoomed in
Zoom right into all individual trekking routes. (you can even zoom in closer than this map image of Mardi Himal in the book as it will show with crystal clarity!)

Bardia National Park: Looking for a more remote wildlife experience? I’ve spent a lot of time in Bardia. If you ever fancied yourself heading into a jungle with no tourists and coming face to face with wild royal Bengal tigers, then Bardia is the place. It’s not for the faint of heart, but it’s just about as real as a jungle can get! Wild elephants, rhinos, and tigers roam this area along with those who dare. With a new bridge leading to the exclusive jungle area, things are looking better in Bardia. There is no better guide to Bardia, how to get there, and how to experience it all than the one in this book.

Lumbini: There has never been a truly in-depth guide to Lumbini and the birthplace of the Buddha before I wrote up the first one in my exclusive Lumbini guidebook. With new Buddhist monasteries being built, this book is more updated than any other with the latest happenings and maps. There are new entrance fees which are covered in this book (including how and why they came about). There’s also the new Gautum Buddha international and domestic airport. I also solve the age-old problem of transportation and getting to Lumbini easily along with reviews of hotels and restaurants plus new Terai village walks. Did you know there are now eco-friendly electric rickshaws in Lumbini! I’ve dedicated entire sections to this chapter just because it won’t let you down if you are looking for inner peace in the land of Buddha’s birth.

Central Nepal: Discover the idyllic traffic-free village of Bandipur with mountain views that rival Pokhara. Visit legendary Gorkha where Nepal’s first king was born and explore the pristine forests here. Travel to Nuwakot which saw the fall, rise, and foundation of Nepal. Stay in a real homestay in the mountain village of Riepe.

Eastern Nepal: This was and still is the first guidebook to ever bring these locations to the world. I’ll show you the ancient fort of Sindhuli Gadi which is the place that triggered Nepal becoming a unified country before explaining the epic road or helicopter journey to the last sacred Hindu and Buddhist caves in Nepal, Haleshi Mahadev. Visit the huge Janak temple on a trip to Janakpur. Stay in Kosshi Tappu wildlife reserve before discovering the huge new Krishna temple in Itahari. Find the sacred bamboo shrine in Dharan or make your way to the highlands of Ilam for tea. Better yet make a side trip in the east to Kanyam or Mai Pokhari. Make no mistake about it, these are adventurous journeys. No other guidebook to Nepal in the world covers eastern Nepal other than this one.

These are just the highlights which, with the rest of the book, create the best guidebook to Nepal … Each chapter is personally written with detailed maps you can zoom right in on, photographs, and guides to every location. That’s why I’ll just go ahead and say what others have said after reading it:

This guidebook to Nepal is the best in the world for a very good reason!

Get a copy of the latest Nepal guidebook right here

Why is this guidebook to Nepal unrivaled?

mobile phone and shiva statue Nepal
Nepal guidebook on your mobile showing you exactly what you are looking at!

As you’ve just read, there’s more to Nepal than just the highlights. From temples to treks and jungles, everything is written with the perspective of putting the traveler’s experience first. I detail everything with clear maps, photographs, treks, and exclusive 100% original Heritage Walks that I created just for those who love culture along with 100% fully detailed treks for those who love the outdoors!

Did you know that only two of Thamel’s roads (central tourist area) are now vehicle-free but no one is enforcing it?!

Did you know that the tourist bus stop in Kathmandu moved and now drops people at a different location?

Did you know there’s a new International and domestic airport in Pokhara?

Did you know that all the trekking permit prices recently changed?

Did you know that VAT has been added to fuel prices last year, so there are increases in domestic flight and transport prices?

Did you know there’s now a direct bus from Kathmandu to Bardia?

Did you know all the telephone numbers in Thamel changed recently?

All of the above questions are answered in this book!

You won’t find this sort of update information in any other guidebook guaranteed! Here’s the real insider scoop – this guidebook has all this information and more! It’s written by me in Nepal and not a random person in some office in another country. This book is for real people like you coming to Nepal who want to know the best. From how to avoid the congested streets of Thamel to maps with the new bus locations and the very latest trekking costs.

Every chapter in this book is written with insider knowledge and detail like no other book. Here’s an example: Nepal’s prized heritage is interwoven with fascinating but heavily congested and confusing streets. In this book, I show you how to navigate these streets with ease and find every temple with over 500 photos from Kathmandu Valley alone and 984 photographs overall from mountain treks to jungle paths.

Discover real Nepal’s prized Patan Durbar square sunsets to the magnificent golden temple to meeting with a Kumari Living Goddess. Find out what temples are being repaired, rebuilt and which are under scaffolding. No other guidebook shows you so much insider information. Mine does.

Not only visit or stay in Bhaktapur and dine at the new restaurants while looking at photographs of every temple at your fingertips but stop off at the tourist-free town of Thimi on the way. Known as the “middle place,” it’s a historic township virtually untouched by tourists. Travel up to nearby Changu Narayan. Know exactly what you are looking at 100% of the time with my unique easy to follow maps and photographs of every location.

Trekking page from Nepal guidebook
Discover what treks are really like with the only guidebook that shows you day-by-day guides

Read through day-by-day village-to-village trekking guides to world-famous and off the beaten path mountain treks or day hikes. Discover brand new routes with ease and see exactly what you will be encountering up high in the Himalayan mountains. Feel your adrenaline rush as you read how to tackle the hardest parts of a trek before coming face-to-face with breathtaking snow-capped mountains.

The ultimate guidebook to Nepal that changes everything!

Plan out your trip to Nepal with my exclusive personally built itineraries which detail the real journey times between cities. Discover how to budget your journey better than anyone else with the latest prices and stop off at exciting places along the way. My guidebook to Nepal gives you real insider information on travel in Nepal from where the bus park in Kathmandu has moved to (again this information is not updated in any other guidebook) to showing you how to save money with a private jeep rental.

And there’s so much more …

  • Every temple, trek, and jungle location is photographed and linked to its location on a map (132 maps)
  • Go in-depth with incredibly detailed updated diagrams showing temple and shrine compound layouts (5 diagrams)
  • Earthquake rebuild information, including destroyed, rebuilt, and currently renovated temples (know where to expect scaffolding, where to see traditional stone makers, and where to find untouched temples)
  • Highly detailed interactive digital maps (click a photo or location & it will zoom in to show you the building/location)
  • Extensive preparation, history, transportation, and culture chapters
  • Fully cross-compatible guidebook with the ability to be printed or for digital viewing on a (laptop, PC, iPad/phone, tablet, or mobile – no internet needed)
  • Compressed algorithm creates an amazingly small file on your device
  • Interactive elements (no more endless swiping on a mobile or tablet)
  • The digital version works completely offline
  • Easy to follow exclusive Heritage Walks

Table of contents: + 617 pages, 132 color maps over 984 color photos

Get a copy of the latest Nepal guidebook today

What else is inside this guidebook for you:

  • All areas of the Kathmandu Valley are covered from Thamel, Paknajol, Lazimpat, the old southern city heritage walks, eastern city, Freak street and the markets, Boudhanath, Chabahil, Pashupatinath, Swayambhu (monkey temple), Patan, Bhaktapur, Kailashnath Mahadev, Panauti, Thimi, Kiritur, Dhulikhel, Bungamati, Budhanilkantha, Gokarna, Godavari, Changu Narayan, and Nagarkot
  • Go beyond the Valley to the ancient crumbling fortress at Nuwakot, Gokha or on to the cable car at Manakamana
  • Discover the pristine vehicle-free midlands of Bandipur and Riepe villages on the way to Pokhara
  • Explore everything there is to do in Pokhara from paragliding and hot air ballooning to meditation and relaxation
  • Visit the jungles of Nepal with an easy trip to Chitwan or a wild explorer’s journey all the way to Bardia
  • Trek into the Himalayas by discovering what it’s really like up there along with all the preparation needed
  • Daily trekking route descriptions & photographs for every single trek so you know what to expect
  • Take hikes to see Everest from hill stations in Nagarkot or Dhulikhel to see the Himalayan mountain range
  • Go where few go and visit Janakpur or make a loop from there up to the far east’s Ilam and Kanyam tea estates
  • Exclusive courtyard diagrams showing you where everything is with ease
  • Personally visited and reviewed accommodation for all budgets (high-end, mid-range, and budget)
  • Personally visited and reviewed restaurants for all budgets and tastes
  • How, what, and where to shop for souvenirs, jewelry, tea, and more in Kathmandu
  • Send things home with lists & contact details of recommended courier companies
  • Transportation details from arriving into Nepal, new airports, to taking local or private transport throughout the country
  • Up-to-date visa information, how to get an extension, and how to fill the application forms
  • Lists, reviews & contact details of recommended trekking agencies
  • The latest entrance prices and trekking permit fees
  • Discover how to travel to Tibet overland (includes a list of tour operators)
  • Get ready to travel with the best preparation chapters to visiting Nepal
  • Explore east Nepal with the only guidebook that covers the region
  • Find out about volunteering in Nepal
  • Understand

    An original well-researched guidebook to Nepal

    Kathmandu city guide maps

    I’ve bought many guidebooks to destinations online only to discover scraped-together, badly presented copies of Google/WikiTravel/Voyage. This is not the case here. I’ve written, mapped, reviewed, photographed, and created every page in this premium guidebook personally. Note that even some well known guidebooks are now using “Getty images” in their content. Why? If their writer actually went there, why not take a photo too? The answer is right there. With my guidebook, I’ve been there, done that!

    This book contains 100% genuine and original premium content written specifically for travelers.

    Throughout Nepal, I personally visited, priced, and reviewed over 718 hotels, guesthouses, and everything in between.

    It was an intensely physical and mentally exhausting task & continues to be as they are all updated

    Why do I use this method instead of simply copying them from a hotel booking site or from another guidebook? Well, I’m truly fed up with others doing this and making fake reviews.

    I want to see the accommodation for myself and bring you the very best.

    From this huge list of hotels, I separated them into high-end accommodation (USD $100+), new boutique accommodation ($60), good mid-level accommodation ($30), and great value budget backpacker accommodation ($4+). I am constantly stunned to see so many hotels in other guidebooks that no longer exist, or on booking sites that are listed in the wrong part of town or given made-up reviews to look good. I give you my recommended places to stay, including contact details, prices, and great booking options from more than one respected booking site! I also include hotels not listed anywhere online, with telephone numbers, addresses, and map locations.

    I took the time to place every hotel correctly on a large scalable map for you to find them easily.

    Every hotel reviewed in this book was paid for by me. Not a single guesthouse, hotel, restaurant, ticket office, or travel agent knew they were being reviewed when I was there. This alone is not an easy task. But the result is this guidebook brings you 100% genuine reviews and factual information without exception, so you will know exactly what to expect when you are in Nepal.

    The Most Up-to-Date Guidebook to Nepal

    I’ve been writing guides and guidebooks to Nepal for over a decade. I know how quickly things change here. Keeping this the most up-to-date guidebook to Nepal in the world is something that has made it the most popular guidebook to Nepal.

    Shopping and trekking gear page from Nepal guidebook
    Find out exactly what you can buy in Nepal and save money!

    Each temple in this book is listed on a map, and you will clearly see what was destroyed or being renovated, with information about what was once there and if it is being restored or not.

    My guidebooks have been the only guidebooks continuously updated during and since the earthquake and pandemic – they are also the only guidebooks that actually tell you entrance prices!

    Yes, Nepal is safe to visit, and yes, this guidebook will take you to the best of the best in Nepal today. If a place is still under construction, you will see it clearly here and be able to make up your own mind about whether you want to visit or not.

    Likewise, all treks, trekking stores, restaurants, and hotels are constantly kept updated and independently reviewed.

    What’s new in the February 2024 edition?

    Plenty! Aside from the latest updates to hotels, restaurants, airports, trekking agencies, things to do, and destinations across Nepal, I’ve expanded popular sections within the book! There are also sections on the coronavirus (COVID-19), entry requirements, and hospitals where you can get PCR tests.

    Kathmandu city now has a dedicated chapter to the Lazimpat area, which is popular for diplomats, NGO workers, and long-term expatriate residents. The Kathmandu city section also expands with a fully dedicated chapter to the little-known but fascinating Chabahil area for those who want to stop off to see the “other” large stupa of Kathmandu on the way to Boudhanath.

    Did you know: Kathmandu city’s long-running bus station is no more?! – this is the only guidebook in the world with the new bus stops that replace it.

    Kathmandu Valley’s border now includes an expanded chapter dedicated to Gorkha, where the first king of Nepal was born and where the mighty fortress palace still stands today – yes, it’s still open and a great visit despite other books saying it’s badly damaged. Only the temple area is, the rest is virtually untouched. What’s more, I’ve included a nearby forest hike too!

    Mandatory trekking guides are now official in Nepal, but many of the checkpoints are not even open!

    Further along between Kathmandu and Pokhara, the mountain viewing township of Bandipur gets an expanded chapter with details you simply won’t find anywhere else, including the soon-to-be-running cable car. Looking for that remote village to stay with locals? I’ve added a chapter to nearby Riepe Village, including a nice hike around the area! Pokhara‘s new cable car and outdoor activities have been included.

    Along with seven other popular treks, the trekking section now includes the much-requested day hike from Kathmandu known as Shivapuri.

    This was the first guidebook to Nepal and remains the only book to include Eastern Nepal’s Haleshi Mahadev and Sinduli Gadhi. I’ve expanded the chapters to the mountain tea gardens of Ilam and Kanyam. Mai Pokhari gets an inclusion, including a hike around the pond there. The huge new temple in Itahari gets included along with the little-known town of Dharan, with its hillside natural temples or stop off at the wildlife park Koshi Tappu. There’s also a huge chapter on the Jaki temple and Janakpur!

    Includes Places Not Written in Any Other Guidebook!

    This is the first and still the only guidebook to include Eastern Nepal. From one of the most important and fascinating Buddhist and Hindu sites, the caves and shrines at Halaeshi Mahadev, to the ancient fort at Sindhuli, it is also the only guidebook to Nepal that gives you the exact entrance ticket price to all locations. It features extensive hotel and restaurant reviews, and is the only guidebook that covers the mandatory trekking guide rule extensively.

    From budget travel options to premium travel, it’s all included.

    So much more detailed than anything I’ve ever bought from LP. – Sang, TripAdvisor

    My chapters on places like Thimi, Janakpur, or Panauti are not just relegated to a half-page of text like in other guidebooks. I deliver you the best of all locations with exclusive information, photographs of all the attractions, maps, and places to visit that most tourists never discover.

    The latest Nepal guidebook is available right here

    A Guidebook Written by Someone Who Wanted to Travel Nepal Properly from the Start

    Map of Pashupatinath

    As you may know from reading on this website, when I first arrived in Nepal, I struggled to find a good guidebook to the country. That was the truth. It’s been that way ever since with outdated text, disengaged reviews, and typical overly passionate writing that made everything sound great when, in reality, it was generally less than stellar. Moreover, great places to visit were only given a passing remark.

    I think it is a disservice to write things like “resorts in Bardia are pricey and not suitable for those watching their budget.” This is incorrect. Alongside premium resorts, there are cheap budget resorts in Bardia, and it’s a lot easier to get there than anyone makes out!

    The fact is Bardia does indeed take 16 hours to reach by bus, but you can find a budget resort for under USD $10 per night! Moreover, Bardia is actually better than Chitwan for a raw, immersive jungle experience! It’s also the best location to see wild tigers in Nepal and not Chitwan!

    When I travel around Nepal, there’s no doubt I want to save time and money getting around without doubling back on broken roads. It’s actually very easy to get from Pokhara to Kathmandu to Chitwan and Lumbini, but I could never find this information easily anywhere! So, I researched, traveled, visited, photographed, mapped, and wrote out all the transport options in this guidebook myself.

    Whether good or bad, we are living in a digital age of high pressure and big profits. This often leads to mainstream book publishers cost-cutting and not being able to include additional information. Moreover, many online guides are filled with sponsored content by travel agencies looking to make bookings. Worse yet, many travel agents pose as tourists to try and sway you to a certain company. You can see this for yourself when you visit their websites. This is where I, as an independent publisher, fill the void and bring you what’s been lacking in guidebooks to Nepal for so long.

    Your book has been a breath of fresh air… so honest and easy to understand – Michael, USA

    My 100% honest online guides to Nepal speak for themselves. My individual guidebooks have proven to be the best in the world for many years. My print guidebook to Nepal is a national best seller. Now you can take all that trust, factual information, and honest feedback in this complete guidebook to Nepal.

    This is Nepal’s Best Guidebook

    This guidebook has been written by a real traveler just like you, tested by other travelers live on the streets, mountains, jungles, flatlands, and cities of Nepal, and updated in February 2024. It is now available to everyone worldwide.

    Ready to explore Nepal? Make sure you’re equipped with the best guidebook possible.


As a special assurance, every digital copy comes with a 100% Free Update Guarantee. Planning your trip in the next 6 months or even a year? No worries. Send me an email before your departure, and I’ll provide you with the latest edition at no extra cost. Learn more about this exclusive offer.

Looking for More? Seize this special deal: Buy One, Get 50% Off on the digital Nepal Guidebook and Kathmandu Valley Heritage Walks. Or, include the new Trekking in Nepal guidebook and receive one book absolutely Free! Grab this deal now!

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    1. It will depend on how and where you want to travel from to Ilam. Full details are in the book. A bus to Ilam from Kathmandu can take 18 hours! I suggest you break the journey up a little with a stop off along way.

  1. Just writing a note to say that this is indeed an impressive book. We used it last year on our visit to Nepal. The detail is fantastic and so well laid out. Great to see you updating it so often!

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    Definitely the best guidebook to Nepal by far!

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  5. Impressive to see you publishing in 2021 when so many of us are in lockdowns. But it’s also inspirational by far. With so much doom and gloom your news has brightened our day here.

    1. Thanks Clarke. Glad the news brightened your day. It’s been hard, but there’s no question that the updates and new books help to push forward the boundaries that make a difference in the world today.

  6. Once again a world leader David!! You keep pushing forward with new books and it’s a credit to you and what you have achieved. Proud to have watched your journey for so many years now!

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